Minecraft Cookies: How to Make Them and What They Do

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft – The Minecraft cookie recipe has as main ingredients two units of wheat and one unit of cocoa. With this amount we can get up to eight chocolate cookie. As can be seen in the picture, the order of placing the ingredients as follows:

As you can see, the cookie production process is very simple. The real difficulty lies in getting the ingredients to make it, especially cocoa. We explain this later.

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How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

Making cookie in Minecraft is always an interesting resource, although it is necessary to know what advantages it will give us and also the possible points against:


  • With just one grain of cocoa and two grains of wheat, eight cookie obtained.
  • Cookies consumed without producing any type of waste.
  • They allow you to keep your hunger levels under control easily and quickly.
  • Two basic ingredients for making cookies can be processed.


  • The effect of a cookie meal lasts less than, for example, a meat meal.
  • On Xbox 360 Edition, cocoa beans are harder to find.

The hardest part: getting the cocoa beans

Although cocoa is a much more abundant item in the current version of the game, it is still difficult to find. The easiest thing is to find a jungle biome, because cocoa beans grow only in these places: wilderness and wild forests with tall trees, near plains, forests and swamps.

Once the cocoa tree is found, it is necessary to select the best pod: the smallest is green and provides only one cocoa bean. It is better to wait for them to grow and acquire an orange-brown color, a sign of maturity. So, when solving them, we will get two or three grains from each pod.

And what if there is no way to find a forest with cocoa trees? In this case, there is always the possibility of using trading. For example, try trading with village farmers, either to get cocoa or cookie directly. Important: This option is not available in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.16.0.

Growing our own cocoa

However, the smartest thing we can do is save some grains which, combined with blocks of wood, will allow us to create our own cocoa garden and always have an available source of this valuable element. Of course, to be successful we must be methodical and careful farmers. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that our plants will only grow well if our characters are within the horizontal renewal range.

We will also be able to draw some very practical tricks for our cocoa to grow more, such as applying bone powder to the fruit.