How Easy to Delete a Repost on Tiktok

Delete Repost on TiktokTikTok provides a variety of features designed to enhance user experience. Reposting on TikTok is one of them. This improves your relationships with the audience and makes it simple to repost videos with just one click. However, there are times when you mistakenly press the repost button. Occasionally, you will repost something and then remove it for a different reason. This article explains how to erase a repost successfully whether or not the activity was deliberate.

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Delete Repost on Tiktok

On iOS and Android, it is possible to remove a repost. Undoing the repost will accomplish this. Here is how to accomplish it:

  • Start TikTok.
  • Go to the video that you reposted and now wish to remove.
  • Choose the “share” button on the video.
  • “Remove Repost” will appear once you tap it.
  • In order to confirm removal, a pop-up appears as a result. When you choose this, the video is successfully un-posted.

After a refresh or after some time has passed, deleting a repost

Reposted videos typically don’t show up on your profile. This makes it difficult to delete or un-post after a refresh. Visit the account from whom you got the video you reposted to take care of this. If you can’t remember the account name, this may be difficult. You may find the video using a straightforward search and the account name.

Checking your watch history to determine whether the video is there is a worthwhile option.

  • Tap the “profile” button.
  • On your screen, locate the three dots at the top, then press them.
  • Choose “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Select “Comment and view history.”
  • Hit watch history.
  • Search for the desired video.
  • Select the share button if it is available.
  • Select “Remove Repost” from the menu.

It’s simple to find a video when you want to erase it if you like it before reposting it. You should go to the favorite videos icon on your profile. You can find it on your profile under the heart icon. The un-posting procedure doesn’t change. Ask a TikTok buddy to send you the video if it’s in their feed if the methods mentioned above haven’t helped you locate the post. You can locate the video for deletion more easily with the help of this information.

Seeing Your TikTok Repost

Reposts on TikTok are comparable to Twitter retweets. The main distinction is that your reposts do not show up on your profile or feed. You cannot thus see what you repost on the platform. Any reposted videos on TikTok are seen by your friends and followers who follow you both. Typically, your settings determine this. You can use your friends’ smartphones to visit their feeds to see what you’ve recently shared.

Additionally, you may benefit from your watch history. You can keep track of your past on TikTok for up to seven days.

Turning Off TikTok Repost

You may decide to disable the repost option if you experience certain unfavorable outcomes. By doing this, you may avoid future unintentional Reposts.

These are the procedures to take in order to remove the button:

  • On TikTok, tap Profile.
  • Tap the three stacked lines in the upper right corner.
  • Then select “Settings and privacy.”
  • Select “Notifications.”
  • Turn off the possibility to repost videos.
  • When you wish, you may activate the repost button. In this situation, adhere to the earlier-described instructions. Toggle “ON” as an alternative as the last step.