How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Carpet How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Carpet. Carpet is a floor covering made from various soft and thick fabrics. Usually, carpets are placed in various rooms to cover the floor. This aims to make people sitting in the room feel more comfortable, warm, and can be used as decorative. Interestingly, many carpets are sold in various sizes, shapes and colors. It’s not surprising that it is often used in homes, offices, hotels and various other places. Especially for parents who play with their children and pets, such as cats, of course it becomes very comfortable. However, cat hair easily sticks to the surface of the carpet and must be cleaned immediately so as not to spread germs to the owner. So, how do you get rid of cat hair on the floor protector? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Carpet

Many people keep cats because they can help reduce anxiety, loneliness and stress. Even so, not many people know and understand how to remove hair from carpets. The following are the steps for removing cat hair on the floor protector, including:

1. Using Clear Tape

First, you can use clear tape to clean cat hair that sticks to carpets, clothes or sofas. Then, this method can be done by cutting the tape using scissors to a size of around 10cm to 15cm first. After that, attach the adhesive part to the tape or the sticky part on the surface of the carpet where there is cat hair. This can be done repeatedly until it is clean.

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2. Spraying Using Vinegar

Second, spray the carpet using vinegar. This is done to remove cat hair that sticks and falls out. Then, You can choose these materials, starting from leather, microfiber, denim, linen, and 100% cotton. The reason is, some types are resistant to pet hair and are not difficult to clean.

3. Using Hair Rollers

Third, use a hair roller to remove loose hair on the carpet. Then, the rough textured and branched surface of the hair roller is able to pick up loose fur and hair on the carpet more quickly.

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4. Spraying Clothes Softener

Fourth, you can spray fabric softener on the carpet. This is because hair that falls out on carpets with rough and textured surfaces may be difficult to remove. Therefore, you can spray the fabric softener on the carpet surface. This method can be done by preparing a spray bottle and putting fabric softener in it. Then, add enough water and spray it onto the part of the carpet where there is fur. Once it has been sprayed, it will be easier to wipe it off using a regular cloth. After that, you can dry the wet part with a vacuum cleaner.

That’s an interesting explanation about how to get cat hair out of carpet which can be conveyed in the article above. Hopefully after reading the discussion in this article, you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight and be able to apply this knowledge in your daily life.