How to Connect PS5 to PC with HDMI Cable

How to Connect PS5 to PC with HDMI – Having Problems Using an HDMI Cable to Connect Your PS5 to Your Laptop? Like most individuals, there’s a good possibility you are ignorant of the specific intricacies involved. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through every step of utilizing an HDMI connection to connect a PS5 to a laptop.

Let us now dissect every hint and arm you with all the information needed to successfully connect a laptop to a PS5 console.

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How to Connect PS5 to PC with HDMI

Is It Possible to Use an HDMI Cable to Connect Your PS5 to Your Laptop?

Yes, if you have a video capture card, you can connect your PS5 laptop to an HDMI cable with ease. Since the PS5 and laptop only have HDMI output, a video capture card is required. It is a card that transforms video and audio signals into USB or USB-C input ports that you can insert into the USB or USB-C ports on your laptop.

In actuality, you may use an HDMI connection to link your PS5 to your laptop. However, the laptop cannot display the PS5 output on its screen if there is a direct connection between the two. You’ll need a video capture card to enable this connection function. This is a result of the laptop’s and PS5’s unidirectional HDMI connector, which only provides an output function.

With the laptop and PS5’s HDMI connections intended for sending audio and video information, it is difficult to establish a direct connection between them because neither device has a receiving port that matches.

Therefore, even if it is technically possible to connect your PS5 to a laptop via HDMI, in order to make the connection work, you will want the help of an external capture card or additional software, such as Sony Remote Play.

A video capture card: what is it?

The purpose of a video capture card is to transform audio and video data from external sources into a format that the receiving device can understand and interpret.

Here, your laptop is the receiver and the PS5 is the external source that is delivering signals. Between the two devices, a video capture card acts as a bridge by offering a suitable path for signals that the laptop can understand. In essence, a capture card functions by taking in signals from the PS5 via its HDMI input connector and sending them digitally to the laptop over a USB connection.

What to Think About When Purchasing VCC?

The following are the two most important things to think about while purchasing a capture card:

1. Resolution of Video Passthrough:

When it comes to determining the quality of the output displayed on an external monitor—in this example, a laptop—video passthrough resolution is different from capture card resolution. Since a greater video passthrough resolution indicates the capture card’s capacity to transmit digital signals at their original resolution, it corresponds to a higher quality of video.

The optimal passthrough resolution for a smooth, immersive gameplay experience is 4K at 60 frames per second. A 1080p 60 FPS passthrough resolution, however, is also capable of completing the task.

2. Resolution on a Laptop

It’s crucial to think about your laptop’s supported resolution before purchasing a capture card Buying a 4K capture card is almost pointless if your laptop does not support 4K resolution, since the video quality will automatically reduce to 1080p. It is advised to use a 1080p 60 FPS passthrough capture card with laptops that do not have 4K displays.