How To Fix A Lamp Switch How To Fix A Lamp Switch. Electricity is a basic need for human life. This is because various important activities require electrical power to run optimally. Apart from that, an aspect that must be paid attention to when building a house is the electrical installation. Then, the item most often found in electrical equipment connections, both inside and outside the house, is the light switch. A switch is an electrical device whose main function is to connect or cut off the electric current in a residence. This tool will flow electricity when it is closed, and disconnect the electricity connection when it is open. So, how do you fix a lamp switch? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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Types of Lamp Switches

The following are the types of light switches, including:

  • First is the single switch. These light switches are in household installations and there are various types, starting from inbow switches (located inside or attached to the wall), single, series, and exchange.
  • The second is a double switch or series switch. A double switch or often called a series switch has two connecting contacts in it. This type of switch generally connects two light devices that are located close to each other.
  • Third is the exchange switch. The exchange switch consists of two to three contact contacts. The functions can be interchanged, the working principle is almost the same as a single switch. One type of switch that applies the exchange switch model is Single Pole Double Throw or abbreviated as SPDT.

How To Fix A Lamp Switch

The following are several ways you can repair lamp switches, including:

  • First, turn off the electricity at home by turning the MCB lever OFF for safety during repairs and not getting electrocuted.
  • Second, remove the switch from the wall by loosening the two screws attached to the switch using a screwdriver.
  • Third, after the screw is removed, slowly pull the switch body towards the outside of the wall, then remove the cable connected to the terminal on the back of the switch then take the switch to a bright place to make repairs easier.
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  • Fourth, pay attention to the shape of the back switch of the adhesive system and remove the screws one by one.
  • Fifth, clean the components inside. This functions to disconnect and connect electric current. Then, to prevent ants from nesting on the switch, place camphor in the tedus.
  • Sixth, after cleaning is complete, you can reinstall all the switch components and install the switch on the wall.
  • Finally, turn on the electricity by turning ON the MCB lever. Then, try turning on the light using the repaired wall switch. If the light turns on normally then yes repaired successfully. However, if the light does not come on, you can re-check it using the mechanical component of the switch and it is most likely not installed or has shifted position.
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That’s the interesting explanation above about how to fix a lamp switch in the article above. Hopefully after reading the discussion of this article, you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight. And in the future, it can be useful and can apply this knowledge in everyday life.