How To Upgrade Shields On Monopoly Go

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow To Upgrade Shields On Monopoly Go. Monopoly is a board game that is popular with various groups, including children, teenagers and adults. Then, players are asked to control the entire map through an exchange system to purchase. It’s not surprising that many people play this game on smartphones because it offers exciting gameplay. Apart from that, the player who successfully masters many maps is declared the winner. Moreover, this game can not only be played directly but is also available in a mobile version. In this game, players also compete in building properties and collecting rent. One important aspect of the game is upgrading the Shield to protect the player’s property from enemies. So, how to upgrade shield in the game? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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How To Upgrade Shields On Monopoly Go

The following are the steps to increase the Shield in the game, including:

  • First is collecting coins. The reason is, coins are the currency used to increase Shields. For this reason, you can collect Coins in several ways, starting from collecting rent from other players, landing in special places, using certain cards and abilities. Then, you can upgrade your Shield by collecting enough coins to cover the cost of the upgrade.
  • Second, select the property: whose Shield you want to increase. Then, make sure to check the game rules or hints to see properties that can be improved. The reason is, not all properties can qualify for a Shield upgrade. Check Shield Level: Review the current Shield level on the selected property. Shield Level indicates its strength and resistance to the opponent’s actions. Higher Shield levels provide better protection but require more Coins to upgrade.
  • Third, check the shield level in the selected property. This is because the Shield level indicates its strength and resistance to enemy actions. Then, a high Shield level can provide better protection. Therefore, it requires more coins for the upgrade process.
  • Fourth, pay the upgrade fee after successfully collecting enough coins and selecting the property. Then, the cost varies depending on the current Shield level and the desired level of upgrade. Next, you can confirm the upgrade to continue.
  • Fifth, your property will receive increased protection against opponents. This means it will be more difficult for other players to take your property. Then, you will have the opportunity to maintain ownership and earn rent.
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Tips For Increasing Shields

The following are tips that can be applied, including:

  • First, plan Shield upgrades based on your overall game strategy.
  • Second, balancing Shield upgrades across properties.
  • Third, pay attention to the opponent’s actions and adjust to increase the Shield. If another player is targeting your property, then prioritize upgrading Shields on that property to deter them.
  • Fourth, leverage the ability to upgrade Shield more efficiently and at lower cost.
  • Fifth, be flexible in your approach to Shield upgrades and adapt to changing game dynamics.
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That’s an interesting explanation about how to upgrade shields on monopoly go in the article above. Hopefully, after reading the discussion in this article, you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight and be able to apply this knowledge in your daily life.