How to Mobile Stream on Kick

How to Mobile Stream on Kick – With the growing popularity of live streaming, content producers now have a way to interact and entertain their viewers in real time. Kick is a growing star in this field. Providing viewers and streamers with an inventive array of services, including a generous revenue-split scheme. That lets creators keep 95% of their subscription profits. We’ll walk you through every step of streaming on Kick in this blog article, from account setup to audience engagement optimization.

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Describe Kick

Developed to meet the demands of content producers searching for a competitive and creator-friendly substitute for other well-known platforms, Kick is a cutting-edge live-streaming platform. Kick is well-known for its high-definition video feeds, which let streamers all around the world provide captivating live entertainment for their viewers. Also Kick provides producers with an additional benefit in the form of an exclusive program that enables them to earn a consistent income depending on the number of hours watched. Kick guarantees a whopping 95% revenue share with its consumers.

It is not possible to live stream mobile games straight from your phone without installing a third-party software. We’ll be using PRISM Live Studio: Games & IRL, a free program that works with both iOS and Android smartphones, for the sake of this post.

Explain RTMP

The streaming technology known as Real-Time Messaging Protocol, or RTMP, makes it possible to send music and video files quickly across the internet. This protocol enables real-time media transmission between many video hosting services, including Kick, Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live, and encoding solutions like OBS Studio. This protocol supports live broadcasting.

Because of its adaptability, RTMP works with a wide range of broadcast software solutions available today. For instance, you effectively make use of the features of this potent protocol when you use OBS Studio or Restream Studio as your encoding platform to create interactive online experiences for your fans on Kick Streaming Platform.

Get PRISM Live Studio: Games & Real Life here.

When the program initially runs, you have to register a free account before you can use PRISM (this is not your Kick account)

Permitting Access

You must first provide the PRISM app the necessary permissions in order to enable streaming:

  • Snapshot
  • A microphone
  • Records & Images

How to Mobile Stream on Kick

  • From the menu at the bottom of the screen, choose “LIVE.”
  • Select “Screen” or “Camera.”
  • It’s a camera for IRL streams.
  • You will be able to stream your phone’s screen to others (games)
  • Choose “Ready.”
  • Next to Set destination, select the (+) button.
  • Choose “Custom RTMP.”
  • Put your stream’s details here:
  • Call it: Kick
  • rtmps:// is the stream URL.
  • Stream Key: From your Creator Dashboard, you can access your Kick Stream key.
  • Click “Save.”

How to Go Live on Kick using PRISM

Press the “Go Live” button at the bottom of the screen when you’re ready to go live.