How To Make Vanilla Paste How To Make Vanilla Paste. Vanilla paste is food ingredients are made from pure vanilla extract, sugar syrup, and vanilla bean seeds. Then, this food ingredient is usually used in making various types of food. Starting from cakes, pastries, vanilla frosting, vanilla cheesecake, vanilla crème brulee, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. Apart from that, the use of these food ingredients can provide an authentic vanilla aroma and taste in the dish. This of course can provide a delicious taste, add a yellowish brown color to food, and give it an attractive appearance. So, how do you make these foods? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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How To Make Vanilla Paste

The following are ways you can make these foods, including:

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

First, you can prepare the tools and materials you need first. Then, starting from the seed stem vanilla, vodka or rum, a sharp knife and a glass bottle. Apart from that, you also have to make sure the bottle you use is sterile.

2. Use Of Materials

Second, you have to make sure the vanilla sticks you use are of good quality. Then,
Clean glass bottles to avoid contamination.

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3. Cut Vanilla Stem

Third, you can take vanilla bean sticks that have been prepared previously. Then, cut the vanilla bean stem longitudinally using a sharp knife. The important point is, you shouldn’t cut until it splits in two. Try cutting at the top of the vanilla stem to expose the seeds.

4. Put The Vanilla Bean Stem Pieces In A Glass Bottle

Fourth, you can put the pieces of vanilla bean stem into a glass bottle that has been prepared previously. Basically, you have to make sure the vanilla stem goes into the bottle without getting pinched.

5. Add Vodka Or Rum

Fifth, you can add vodka or rum to the glass bottle until all the vanilla bean sticks are submerged in it. Then, you can close the glass bottle tightly to prevent air from entering it.

6. Storage Stage

Sixth, you can store glass bottles in a cool place. Every week, you should shake it to help release the vanilla flavor and aroma into the alcohol solution.

7. Maturation Process

Seventh, you can leave the glass bottle containing the vanilla mixture for approximately 2 to 3 months. Then, this ripening process allows the vanilla to soak into the alcohol and create a strong vanilla paste.

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8. Screening Stage

Eighth, you can filter the vanilla paste after the ripening process is complete. This aims to remove pieces of vanilla stem. Then, you can use a fine cloth strainer to strain the vanilla paste.

That is the interesting explanation above that can be conveyed regarding how to make vanilla paste. So, hopefully after reading the discussion in this article you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight. And in the future it can be useful and can apply this knowledge in everyday life.