How To Make Gloop

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow To Make Gloop. Gloop is a type of sensory toy that is popular among various groups, especially children. Then, this toy has a liquid, soft texture and can thicken like slime. This toy is often used to improve sensory, help stimulation, improve fine motor development and cognitive skills. One of the unique things that attracts children’s attention is the texture that changes when playing. Of course, you can feel the change using your hands from a liquid texture to a thick one. Apart from being a fun toy, children can also use it as an effective learning tool. Starting from getting to know the properties of chemicals (viscosity and elasticity). So, how do you make this toy? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

How To Make Gloop

The following are ways you can make these toys, including:

  • First, you can prepare the ingredients you need. Starting from fox glue or PVA glue, borax or cornstarch, water, and food coloring (optional) Then, make sure to prepare all the necessary materials before starting to make it.
  • Second, pour Fox glue or PVA glue into a bowl in sufficient quantity and add water. Then, you can use a measuring cup to determine the correct proportions.
  • Third, mix 1 teaspoon of borax or cornstarch into the second bowl. Then, put 1/2 cup of warm water into it and stir until it dissolves. This is done when using borax. Meanwhile, you can use cornstarch by adding a little water and stirring until it forms a paste.
  • Fourth, pour the borax or cornstarch mixture into the glue mixture and add water slowly while stirring. Then, wait until the mixture starts to thicken, like gel.


  • Fifth, add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture and stir until the color is mixed evenly. This is done if you want to give color to the gloop.
  • Sixth, the gloop creation process is complete and can be played. When used, you can feel the texture flowing in your hands. Then, you can try moving the gloop from one hand to the other. In fact, it can form gloop into a ball and change shape.
  • Once you’re done playing, you should make sure to store the gloop in an airtight container to prevent the gloop from drying out. Apart from that, you can also store it in the refrigerator to make the game last longer.

In general, gloop is a fun and beneficial toy for children’s development. That way, children can play and provide opportunities for sensory exploration, and even provide new learning experiences. Apart from that, it can also develop social and emotional skills. Starting from sharing, working together and playing together.

That is the interesting explanation above that can be conveyed regarding how to make gloop. Then, hopefully after reading the discussion in this article, you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight. And in the future it can be useful and can apply this knowledge in everyday life.