How to Make Columns in Google Slides for Beginner

How to Make Columns in Google Slides – In the fast-paced world of presentations, drawing in and holding the attention of the audience is mostly dependent on visual attractiveness. A strong tool in this area is Google Slides, which has several capabilities to improve the visual storytelling process. The ability to establish columns is one such tool that gives your information a neat and orderly structure. This tutorial will show you how to use Google Slides’ columns to their most advantage and improve your presentations.

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How to Make Columns in Google Slides

1. Launch the Google Slides presentation.

Open your Google Slides presentation first. To begin a new presentation, use the ‘+ Blank’ option to launch a blank one. Open the desired file if you’re working on an existing presentation.

2. Choose the Text Box.

Choose the slide or area that you wish to use columns in. From the toolbar, select the “Text Box” option (often indicated by a “T” icon). This will serve as your columns’ container.

3. Sketch the Text Box

To create a text box on the slide, click and drag. This is going to be the cornerstone of your articles. Adapt the dimensions and arrangement to suit your preferred style.

4. Get to the Format Options

Select the text box, then click the ‘Format choices’ option in the upper toolbar. This will cause a sidebar with several customization options to appear on the right side of your screen.

5. Modify the Column Configurations

Find and choose “Columns” from the Format choices. This is where you set the desired number of columns and their inter-column spacing. Try out several setups until you have the desired appearance. You can choose table settings on the insert tab if that is not accessible.

6. Adjust Your Design

Additional formatting choices available in Google Slides include changing the text size, font style, and color. Make use of these settings to adjust how your columns seem and make sure the design is visually harmonious.

In summary:

With Google Slides, you can create visually beautiful presentations that successfully communicate your idea by adding columns to your slides. These easy methods will help you give your slides a professional and creative touch that will make your material more remembered and interesting for your audience. Try with various column arrangements and let your imagination run wild to create presentations that have an impact.