How To Draw Dragonfly Step By Step How To Draw Dragonfly Step By Step. Dragonflies are one of the animals that fall into the insect group. Then, it has a small, long body and a rather thin, slender shape similar to a needle. This animal usually lives in forests, gardens, rice fields, rivers, lakes and home gardens. Then, dragonflies are easy to find in rural areas. This is what makes children really like these animals. The reason is, its appearance is unique and similar to a helicopter.

Apart from that, the color is interesting because in one body there are many combinations of colors in it. This animal has the nickname as a stealth fighter jet. This is because its flying ability is very fast. The reason is, dragonflies become odonata animals that have two sets of wings with muscles in the chest and move each wing independently. This allows them to change the angle of each wing and practice their flying skills in the air. So, how do you draw these animals easily? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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How To Draw Dragonfly Step By Step

The following are the steps in making an image of this animal, including:

# Step 1

  • First, you can start by drawing a small circle. This is done to form the dragonfly’s head. Then, at the bottom of the circle you can draw a small oval. In order to form the chest and middle of the insect.
  • Second, at the bottom of the oval, you can draw a larger, very long oval shape with pointed ends. This is done to form the dragonfly’s stomach or tail.
  • Third, enter the wing image. This method is done by making a long curved line from the top of the chest. Then, curve the line back and meet the bottom of the chest to completely cover the wings.
  • Fourth, you can repeat the process on the opposite side to form the second wing. This can use a long curved line and connect both ends to the chest.
  • Fifth, you can draw the lower wings. You can create a long curved line from the chest and let it double to close the shape.
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# Step 2

  • Sixth, draw the final parts of the four dragonfly wings. Then, create a long curved line from the chest, and let the line double to close the shape.
  • Seventh, draw the dragonfly’s eyes. This method can be done by drawing two half circles on the front of the head and using short curved lines from each circle.
  • Eighth, draw the front legs of the dragonfly. You can create a long curved line from the intersection of the head and chest. This can notice the curved line in the middle and forming a connection in the legs.
  • Ninth, make a long curved line on the second parallel to the first curved line. So, the lines can meet at the ends and you can repeat on the opposite side.
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That’s the explanation of how to draw a dragonfly step by step in the article above. Hope it is useful.