How to Make Sticky and Smooth Cotton Candy at Home

How to Make Cotton Candy at Home – The way to make cotton candy quite simple because the main ingredient of this type of food is granulated sugar or palm sugar. Cotton candy itself has attractive colors (colors) and a sweet taste.

The popular name for this snack is cotton candy, it can also called cotton candy. With its pink, blue and green colors and softness, this snack is indeed able to tempt children and adults to enjoy it immediately. And if you want to make your own sweet arum, you can get a sweet arum machine at the following link.

With its delicious taste and soft, cotton-like shape, it is popular with children and adults alike. Uniquely, when you eat the cotton candy, it will melt and feel a sticky sensation in your mouth because the main ingredient comes from pure sugar.

Cotton candy sought after by many people because of its unique and attractive taste, shape and color. Can attract buyers, especially children. This is a business opportunity that is quite tempting and worth trying, right?

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What is Cotton Candy?

Cotton candy is a sugar-based snack that is timeless and never loses its fans. Both types of food use the same basic ingredient, namely granulated sugar. However, the way to make cotton candy processed in different stages and ends up taking a different shape.

Cotton candy in English is called cotton candy or fairy floss, which is granulated sugar that given food coloring and then heated while rotating it.

When rotating, the small bamboo blades follow the rotation to catch the dregs of broken sugar and become like cotton supported by the bamboo blades. Perhaps many people don’t know, in the 15th century, this cotton candy flower actually already known to the Italians. William Morrison and John C Wharton created a sugar melting machine using centrifugal force to encourage the creation of sugar cotton in the 19th century.

How to Make Cotton Candy at Home

Tools and Ingredients in How to Make Cotton Candy:

  • Prepare the machine to make Cotton Candy.
  • 1 wooden ladle for stirring cotton candy.
  • 1 tablespoon.
  • Picks made from bamboo or cone sticks (for rolling cotton candy or sweet arum).
  • White granulated sugar as the main ingredient for making cotton candy or sweet arum is around 1 kg.
  • Citric acid 1 tbsp.
  • ¾ or 100 ml boiled water.
  • Food coloring (according to taste).

Steps and How to Make Cotton Candy:

  • Mix the granulated sugar with the food coloring that you have provided according to your wishes, then stir until completely smooth.
  • Heat the cotton candy machine.
  • If the sugar and coloring have mixed evenly, then put it into the heated machine and wait a few minutes for the sugar fibers to come out of the cotton candy or sweet arum making machine.
  • Roll the sugar fibers in a circular motion using a bamboo blade or cone stick, adjusting to the size you want.
  • Keep pulling in the same way so that the sugar turns like strands of hair until it is smooth, then pull with extra force.
  • The method for making cotton candy must be painstaking, otherwise it will turn into small, rough crystals.
  • Once it has formed, wrap the cotton candy or sweet arum in plastic or a very tightly closed jar so that it not directly exposed to air and causes it to harden or shrink.