How to Delete Browser Bookmarks on Mac

How to Delete Browser Bookmarks on Mac – Web browser bookmarks have a horrible tendency to accumulate over time and become unmanageable. Although the original purpose of a bookmark was to facilitate returning to your preferred websites, an excessive number of bookmarks might hinder your speed. You might thus need to remove some. We’ll walk you through deleting bookmarks from the three most widely used web browsers on Macs: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

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How to delete bookmarks from every Mac browser

On your Mac, you can often access all of your stored bookmarks by selecting Bookmarks from the menu bar, regardless of the online browser you’re using. You may create and manage bookmarks from here as well. However, there are normally a few more steps involved when erasing bookmarks on a Mac. Here’s how to accomplish it in every popular Mac browser.

1. How to delete bookmarks in Safari

Using the Sidebar button located in the upper-left corner of the window, selecting Bookmarks, Control-clicking the bookmark you wish to remove, and choosing Delete from the action menu is the fastest method for removing bookmarks from Safari. The bookmark will instantly disappear from the list.

2. How to delete bookmarks in Google Chrome

You would not be alone if you think that Chrome is the better Mac browser and that you would still utilize the same procedure to delete bookmarks if you chose to use it over Safari. In Google Chrome for Mac, select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager from the menu bar (this option is also available under the More menu) to remove a bookmark. Once you’ve located the bookmark you wish to remove, click the More button to the right and choose Delete from the menu that appears.

3. How to delete bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

When using Mozilla Firefox, there are two simple methods for removing a bookmark. Loading the website you wish to remove and then clicking the Star button that shows up in the URL bar and selecting Remove Bookmark from the popup window is the simplest method. The first step in the second method of deleting Firefox bookmarks on a Mac is to click the three horizontal lines to access the Menu. Click Bookmarks now, choose the appropriate bookmark from the list, control-click it, and choose Delete Bookmark from the context menu.

Use the bookmark manager to arrange your bookmarks.

Removing any bookmarks that you no longer require is only half the fight when it comes to organizing them on your Mac. Additionally, you should take some time to organize similar bookmarks into different folders and categories using your browser’s bookmark manager.

To view all of your bookmarks on your Mac, just choose Bookmarks from the menu bar and pick Edit Bookmarks, Bookmark Organizer, or Manage Bookmarks. You can do this from any browser, including Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. You may utilize the different tools to create different folders and groups for your bookmarks, and you can drag and drop them to reorganize them.