How to Backup Before Flash ROM

How to Backup Before Flash ROM – The stock ROM of an Android device is the pre-installed operating system. This knowledge is necessary before learning how to backup Android ROM. On the other hand, in order to have additional features and control over their device, users often install “custom ROMs.” However, there’s a good chance that the procedure would brick your phone. Before flashing a new ROM, you must make a backup of the old, pre-installed Android ROM in order to prevent such a scenario. We are providing you with a thorough tutorial How to Backup Before Flash ROM to a PC through this post.

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How to Backup Android Firmware Stock ROM to PC


Before you backup your Android device’s stock firmware, make sure you’ve taken care of the important things listed below. In the absence of the aforementioned procedures, there is a considerable chance of data loss and device damage.

1. The Android phone’s backup

Having a device backup is usually a good idea before considering backing up Android ROM. On an Android smartphone, data loss or leakage occurs when you restore or backup the ROM. You should use a reliable tool to backup your device’s data in order to avoid having to worry about data loss in the future. In the next section of this post, we’ll examine one such suggested tool for this purpose.

2. Android device rooting

Rooting your Android smartphone is a prerequisite before backing up its ROM to a PC. Upon successful rooting, the device prepares for the Android ROM backup. To create a backup of the ROM on your Android smartphone, you must use a trustworthy utility.

3. Be sure the battery on your gadget is completely charged.

Always make sure the battery on your Android smartphone is at least 50% charged. Your smartphone may suffer severe consequences if it runs out of battery when backing up an Android ROM or performing a device backup. Make sure your mobile device has enough juice to last the full procedure to prevent this.

4. Adequate free space on the device

Your device’s low storage capacity interferes with its ability to operate smoothly and makes it impossible to download or update the newest software. Certain ROM backup applications generate the backup directly from your internal memory or SD card. Thus, it makes sense to allow ample room for the device’s different functions. We’ll walk you through the process of easily backing up the custom ROM on your Android smartphone later in this post.

Use ROM Manager to backup ROM

With its user-friendly interface, the ROM Manager program will assist you in backing up Android ROM to your computer. Using this app, you can also install ROMs from your SD card. To learn how to use ROM Manager to backup Android firmware stock ROM, go to the instructions.

  • On your Android smartphone, install and open the ROM Manager application. Navigate down the home screen and choose “Backup Current ROM.”
  • Click “OK” after renaming the backup with the preferred name on the pop-up screen. Soon after, you’ll receive a backup of your Android tablet or phone.