How to Change Default Browser in Outlook

How to Change Default Browser in Outlook – When you click a web link within the Outlook application, the browser that opens is often the one that is pre-installed on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Nevertheless, Microsoft intends to make Microsoft Edge the default browser for accessing online links in Outlook 365, according to a recent release. It states that you still have the option to utilize the default browser on your Windows computer or Microsoft Edge. But take notice that this only works with Windows 10 and 11 devices running Outlook 365 on Outlook Build 16.0.16227.20280 or later.

Outlook will continue to open links in the system’s default browser (formerly Safari for Mac) for other versions and/or other systems, such as Mac. Therefore, you must modify your system’s default browser in order to access links in Outlook using a different browser.

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Change Default Browser in Outlook with Computer

1. On Windows

  • Get Outlook open.
  • Select a file from the top menu.
  • Next, click on Options located in the window’s lower left corner.
  • Choose Advanced from the sidebar when prompted again.
  • Navigate to the Link Handling section in the right pane.
  • Next, choose the option next to Open hyperlinks from Outlook in that lets you open links in Outlook using Microsoft Edge or the Default Browser (system).
  • Press OK.

Use the Windows settings as follows to modify the default browser for other Outlook programs that are still operating on previous versions.

  • In order to launch the Settings app, press Windows + I.
  • Choose Default applications under applications.
  • In the Web browser area, choose your favorite browser if you’re using Windows 10. Despite this, click Switch at the next question.
  • To set a browser as your default, navigate to it or search for it if you’re using Windows 11. Next, select Make your default browser by clicking on Set default.

2. On MacOS

  • From the top menu bar, click the Apple symbol and choose System Preferences.
  • Next, choose General.
  • To access the default web browser, scroll down.
  • To make the dropdown next to it larger, click.
  • Select the system’s installed favorite browser.

Change Default Browser in Outlook with Mobile

1. On Android

  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps after swiping down.
  • Select Select default applications after that.
  • Then, press the Browser application.
  • Select the browser that you wish to have open Outlook links by default.

2. On iPhone

  • Get the Settings app open.
  • To choose a browser app as your default, scroll down and choose it. We are now configuring Google Chrome to be the new default web browser.
  • Click on Default Browser App after that.
  • Select your favorite web browser.