How to Delete Uber History, Step by Step for Beginner

How to Delete Uber History – Our lives would not be the same without Uber. Uber is the best option for transit and reasonably priced local and international travel because of its quick technology, extensive reach, and discreet operation. It is a thing of such great significance. It is designed to include the quirks and intricacies that frequently confound users, such as the ability to remove recent locations from Uber and erase Uber history. Thus, this post will address all of your questions on these subjects. You will also discover how to quickly deactivate a rider from Uber and get in touch with customer support.

To understand the detailed instructions on how to remove riders and Uber history from the Uber app, read this post through to the conclusion. You may use the graphics to help you understand the processes better. Uber keeps track of your trips for ninety days, after which they are permanently erased.

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How to Delete Uber History

1. Through Uber App

  • Get the Uber app open.
  • Next, select the Account tab by tapping on the bottom bar.
  • Click Help.
  • Click on Report a problem while traveling.
  • Tap on Get Trip Help after swiping down.

2. Through Greenlight Hub

With more than 150 of these sites around the US, you may also get assistance and get in touch with customer service agents through the Greenlight hub. Follow the instructions below to get in touch with the Uber Greenlight center closest to you before moving on to the instructions for deleting your Uber history.

  • Launch the Uber mobile application.
  • From the upper left corner, tap the hamburger icon.
  • Click Help.
  • After that, press Make an in-person appointment.
  • Click Make an appointment.
  • After selecting the “I agree” option, press NEXT.
  • Click on Make an appointment.
  • To choose the desired spot, tap on it.

You’ve found and scheduled an appointment for the closest Greenlight hub. To fix the problem you’re having, go to the hub.