How Do You Freeze Dry Candy How Do You Freeze Dry Candy. Frozen candy is a popular food among children and adults. Freeze dried candy has a tastier and more refreshing taste compared to regular candy. Apart from that, it can also last a long time and takes quite a long time to make. This can certainly be a fun option for families to try a variety of sweet snacks. Moreover, it can be used as a dessert topping for several foods. So, how do you freeze the candy so it lasts a long time? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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Freeze Dried Candy Process

The preservation method in making candy is done to remove moisture from the food. So that the candy can last for quite a long time. Freeze-dried candy can produce a crunchier and sweeter snack. This can give a stronger taste, change the texture and size. The ability to preserve food can be beneficial for several reasons. Freeze-dried food not only lasts longer, but changes the taste of the food to make it better. The following are several processes that can be carried out in the candy freezing process, including:

1. Initial Process

The first is the initial process. If the candy is larger, it must be cut first because it will expand evenly. In addition, you can choose smaller pieces to make it faster and more efficient.

2. Freeze Drying

Second is freeze drying. Candy that has been processed can be put into a freeze dryer container to freeze. You can use a temperature of -35°C and a freezing time of approximately one to two hours. Thus, the central temperature of the candy reaches below the eutectic point temperature.

3. After the Processing Process

The third is after the processing process. Wait until the frozen candy drying process is complete. Then, turn off the equipment, break out the vacuum cleaner, remove the freeze-dried candy, and close the package.

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How Do You Freze Dry Candy

The following are the steps for freezing dried candy, including:

1. Use Dry Ice

  • First, place the candy in a compostable freezer bag. No need to seal it tightly and put it directly into a large cooler.
  • Second, cover with dry ice for 24 hours. Then, use thermal gloves to protect both hands. Then, make sure there is no moisture and don’t close the cooler to prevent an explosion.
  • Third, dry ice can be easily found in most grocery stores.
  • Fourth, if you buy it you can open the bag and transfer the candy into a new freezer bag that can be reused. Store in a cool and dry place.

2. Use the Refrigerator

This second method can use a refrigerator. Initially, you can place the candy on a baking sheet and store it in the freezer for two to three weeks. Then, remove from the freezer and transfer to a reusable freezer bag. Store in a cool and dry place.

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