How to Turn Off Notification Sound on Macbook, Step by Step !

How to Turn Off Notification Sound on Macbook – Your Mac and iPhone notify you with a banner and sound when something significant occurs within the program. These are the default settings, and occasionally they may irritate or distract you. Let’s now examine how to disable or mute alerts and notification noises on your Mac and iPhone.

How to Turn Off Notification Sound on Macbook

There are built-in notification muting options on the Mac. However, a few of them are difficult to find or need a lot of clicking in the System Settings. We will revisit those at a later time.

Using Serenity is the simplest method to turn off applications. The list of your apps is located in this app, which is located in the menu bar of your Mac. Just turn off the notification noises for any apps that you don’t want to be using while distracted. Notifications will still reach you, but they won’t make a sound or beep.

In the event that you need to adjust your notification preferences on a regular basis, we advise ticking the Launch upon login box. In this manner, the application will show up in your menu bar each time your Mac boots up.

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How to use the built-in Mac utilities to disable an app’s alerts

Let’s return to the more laborious techniques now. Use these instructions to turn off Mac app alerts for particular apps.

  • Navigate to Notifications under System Settings.
  • Locate the app for which you want to disable notifications under Application Notifications.
  • Toggle off Allow notifications by clicking on the application.

Advantages of Macbooks

The following are a number of advantages of Macbooks that make many people interested in buying them:

1. Has good operating system security

When compared to Windows products, Macbooks have a good operating system. Additionally, you do not need to install additional antivirus on this device. Usually, adding antivirus software also takes up space on Windows devices. This is because Apple has its own macOS operating system, so it is strong against viruses. Even so, you also need to be careful if at any time an attack occurs.

2. Can install windows

Apart from macOS, you can also install other operating systems, such as Windows, on your device. The system is called boothcamp which allows you to run other operating systems virtually or in parallel.

3. Machine durability is stronger

The macOS operating system makes the machine’s durability stronger. In fact, laptops released in 2015 can still survive and be used in 2019.

4. Retina display feature

The advantage of a Macbook compared to other laptops is that this device has a good screen quality. Through the retina display feature, you will feel at home staring at the laptop for a long.time. In addition, the Macbook displays more accurate colors.