How To Propagate String Of Pearls Plant

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow To Propagate String Of Pearls Plant. String of Pearls is a plant that has extraordinary beauty and is a favorite among ornamental plant lovers. Then, this plant was known by its scientific name, namely Senecio rowleyanus, originating from South Africa.

This plant has the characteristic form of pearl-shaped leaves, which hang beautifully from long stalks. This is what gives the plant its unique name. The leaves are small and round like white pearls, and when placed in a hanging pot they create a dazzling string effect.

Apart from having attractive aesthetics, this plant is also easy to grow and care for. This plant can grow well in bright light or light shade.  So it is suitable to be placed inside the house or in the yard. This plant does not require a lot of air. During the dry season or when you are busy, you don’t need to worry about paying attention to this plant every day.

This plant can also reproduce easily. Dependent plant parts can be removed independently from the same pot or a different pot. Then, you can throw away the plant parts that have been removed and plant them in new pots to expand the collection.

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How To Propagate String Of Pearls Plant

The following are steps that can be implemented, including:

1. Prepare Stem Cuttings

To propagate string of pearls plants, you can use stem cuttings. Take several stem cuttings 5-10 centimeters long from a healthy, mature plant. Make sure the cutting has some well-developed leaves. This stem cutting will become a new seed that we will plant.

2. Planting Stem Cuttings

The next step is to plant the stem cuttings into a suitable planting medium. Mix loose soil with sterile sand to make a suitable planting medium. The stem cuttings can be planted in small pots that have been filled with the planting medium. Make sure to only plant a small portion of the stem into the growing medium, while the rest remains on the surface of the pot. This will allow the new seedlings to grow well.

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3. Create ideal conditions

This plant requires ideal growing conditions to develop well. Place the pot with the new seedling in a bright place but not directly exposed to sunlight. The ideal temperature for growing this plant is between 18-24 degrees Celsius. Also make sure the pot has good drainage holes so that excess water can drain properly.

4. Give Water Wisely

String of pearls is a succulent plant that stores water in its leaves. Therefore, water for these plants must be given wisely. Don’t water this plant too often, because it can cause the roots to rot. Instead, choose a cautious approach by giving this plant water only when the growing medium is completely dry. Make sure not to let water pool under the pot, as this can damage the roots.

5. Regular Fertilization

To ensure optimal growth, these plants need to get additional nutrition through fertilization. Then, you can use liquid fertilizer specially formulated for succulent plants. Apply this fertilizer according to the instructions on the package, usually about once a month. Regular fertilization will provide the nutrients necessary for growth and provide beauty to the string of pearls plant.

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