How to Play Five Crowns Card Game for Beginner

How to Play Five Crowns – Play Monster publishes the five-suited Rummy game Five Crowns. The object of this game is to be the first person to meld their complete hand every round. Every round, there will be a new wild card and a progressive hand size handed to the players.

There are two 58-card decks in Five Crowns. The five suits that make up each deck range in rank from 3s (low) to Kings (high). Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Stars are among the suits. Six Jokers are also present.

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Setup Five Crowns

Deal three cards, one at a time, to each player after rearranging the cards. Up to the last round, the hand will receive one extra card in each round. Players will receive four cards in the second round, five cards in the third, and so forth. Each participant will get thirteen cards in the final round.

After dealing, arrange the remaining cards in a pile, face down. The draw pile is this. To create the discard pile, turn over the top card and set it next to the draw pile.

How to Play Five Crowns

Phase 10 is similar to the rummy game Five Crowns. This is a guide explaining how to play Five Crowns.


In order to rush and fill their hands with books first, players compete. Three or more cards of the same rank make up a book. Three cards or more in consecutive order constitute a run. A run requires all of the cards to be of the same suit. The player may include as many wild cards in books and runs as they choose, up to the natural maximum.

A book, for instance, can only hold five cards at a time. It is not possible to make a run longer than three or shorter than the King with wilds and jokers.


The player starts the game facing the dealer’s left, and play proceeds in that way. They might choose to draw the top card from the draw or discard piles. They will select one card to discard from their hand after adding that card to it. Upon top of the discard pile, this card goes. Turn termination occurs via discarding.

3. Leaving

Until a player is able to leave, play goes on as thus. When a player’s hand has all of the cards necessary to form a run or book, they go out. That player procedes as usual with their turn. To conclude the turn, draw a card and discard it. On the last turn of a player, a discard must take place. When a player leaves, they set down every book they own and sprint for the other players to see. The remaining players have one additional turn when a player exits the game.

When it comes time for the last round, players will draw, set aside all of their books and runs, and then discard once more.


Upon completion of the round, the eliminated player receives a score of zero. Based on the cards they own that aren’t in a book or meld, the remaining players score points. Every card has value based on its rank. Similarly, threes are worth three points. The value of the wild cards for the round is twenty points, Jacks are eleven points, Queens are twelve, Kings are thirteen, and Jokers are fifty points.