How to Make Full Screen Undertale on PC Windows and Mac

How to Make Full Screen Undertale on PC – Since its release, Undertale has developed into a beloved role-playing game. Having Undertale stuck in windowed mode with no clear method to go fullscreen is part of its enjoyment. F4, Fn+F4, or Alt+Enter are the keybinds that allow you to play Undertale in fullscreen mode. All of these will make the game run in full screen mode for any more sessions you may have.

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How to Make Full Screen Undertale on PC

1. How to Enable Windows Fullscreen for Undertale

Playing Undertale in fullscreen mode is really helpful for, well, seeing more. There are a lot of complex gameplay elements to watch out for. To be honest, fullscreen mode makes it much more pleasant.

To enable fullscreen Undertale on Windows, follow these steps:

  • F4 is the default keybind for the game’s fullscreen mode. It should make Undertale fullscreen, unless you made a modification yourself.
  • Fn + F4. You can experiment with the Fn+F4 key combination, depending on your keyboard (particularly if it’s small, like 60%). Additionally, you may configure your keybindings using the keyboard software that comes with it.
  • Press Alt+Enter. This is the universal fix for fullscreen problems. You may need to apply it again the next time you open the game, but it will force any game to run on full screen.

2. How to Set Up Mac to Run Undertale in Fullscreen

Given the popularity of the game, it is not surprising that Undertale is also playable on Mac computers. However, it also opens in a window by default on Mac. Technically, the keybinds are the same on Mac. You just need to be aware of the Mac versions of a few keys.

To enable fullscreen Undertale on Mac, follow these steps:

  • Click the fullscreen button. Mac users do not have the greyed-out maximizing button that Windows users do. In the upper left corner of the window, hover your cursor over the green button and choose “Enter Full Screen.”
  • F4. The standard keybindings for Undertale on Mac and Windows are the same. Therefore, you can also use F4 to make the game fullscreen here.
  • Fn + F4. Using this combination, you can easily go from windowed to fullscreen mode in any Mac software, including Undertale.
  • Press Command+Enter. This is an Alt+Enter substitute for Mac users. Without any problems, the keybind will force any game or application to run on full screen.