How To Make Clear Slime

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow To Make Clear Slime. Slime has been a popular toy since ancient times. The reason is, slime is a type of toy that has a chewy, flexible texture and is almost the same as jelly. It is not surprising that this toy is easy to shape as you wish and is widely played by various groups, starting from children to teenagers. Then, there are benefits that can be felt from playing with slime. Starting from reducing a person’s stress level because it is gentle. So that when held, the stress can be channeled. Apart from that, slime also functions to relieve boredom and boredom. Furthermore, There are various colors of slime, ranging from clear, colorful and dark. These toys are easy to get and can be made yourself at home. So, how do you make clear slime? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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Benefits Of Playing With Slime

The following are some of the benefits of playing with slime, including:

  • By stretching and flattening the slime it can increase focus on the person playing with the slime. This is because there are hand movements that allow the brain to concentrate on other things. Starting from listening to instructions, stories and lessons.
  • The slime game requires movement with hand grip strength. So, this game is a great way to strengthen hand muscles and build fine motor skills.
  • Someone who plays with slime will use their sense of touch to feel the slime. This will of course focus on the color, shape and texture of the slime. Therefore, slime can be used as an appropriate tool to stimulate the senses of people who play with slime.
  • Someone who plays slime games will use creative imagination to make a shape according to their wishes. This can encourage creativity when doing something.
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How To Make Clear Slime

The following are several ways you can make clear slime, including:

  • The first thing that must be prepared in making slime is to prepare the tools and materials. Starting from clear glue, salt solution containing boric acid, baking soda, water, bowl and plastic storage containers.
  • The second step is to mix 4 ounces of glue, cold water, and 1 tablespoon of contact lens solution in a previously prepared bowl. Do this very slowly for about a minute.
  • Next, in a separate cup, you can mix warm water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Then, stir until the baking soda is completely dissolved. This warm water is used to help dissolve the baking soda and make the slime stretchy.
  • Fourth, pour the baking soda mixture into the glue mixture. Then, stir gently for about a minute so as not to cause bubbles. So, let stand for 5-10 minutes. This is an important step and must be implemented in making slime.
  • After that, do a slime test by removing it from the container. However, you have to knead the slime mixture slowly so that it doesn’t become runny and sticky. If it is still very runny, you can add a few drops of contact lens solution to help activate the slime more. But you have to be careful because slime tends to thicken over time. So you only need to add extra salt solution if the mixture is runny. Finally, add small pieces and trinkets as decorations (optional). Starting from sequins, foam beads, and others. This aims to provide extraordinary results in clear slime.
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That is the explanation of how to make clear slime which can be conveyed in the article above. Hope it is useful.