How To Make Black Salt

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow To Make Black Salt. Black salt is known as kala namak or Himalayan black salt. Then, the salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. Starting from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and other salt mining locations. It is not surprising that this type of salt is less familiar in Indonesia and is widely used as an additional cooking spice in India. Apart from that, it can also be used for therapy and used as a treatment. This is because there are many health benefits contained in this salt. So, how is this type of salt made? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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The following are the benefits of this type of salt, including:

  1. First, it helps in maintaining blood pressure. Because, there is a very low sodium content compared to ordinary salt which causes high blood pressure.
  2. Second, it prevents muscle cramps with the potassium and potassium content in it. This can certainly help regulate muscle function, relieve pain, regulate muscle contractions, and prevent cramps.
  3. Third, prevent stomach disease. This is because it has a very high sulfur content. This is useful for maintaining the balance of stomach acid production, reducing digestive complications, and preventing stomach disease.
  4. Fourth, prevent goiter. Then, black salt can be used to help meet the body’s iodine intake. Then, one of the causes of goiter is iodine deficiency.
  5. Fifth, helps treat anemia. This comes from the iron content contained in it. Consuming black salt can be useful in preventing and treating anemia.
  6. Sixth, maintain the digestive system. How to consume salt is done by mixing various ingredients. Starting from warm ginger water, lemon juice and honey. This makes digestion smoother and can prevent constipation.
  7. Seventh, black salt can help reduce blood glucose levels and increase blood pressure levels. This can of course be consumed by anyone suffer from diabetes and hypertension.
  8. Eighth, it can help in losing weight and help treat chapped skin.
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How To Make Black Salt

The following is how to make this salt, including:

  1. First, you can prepare the materials you need. Then, starting from table salt, Himalayan salt or sea salt, and a teaspoon of activated charcoal.
  2. Second, mix table salt and Himalayan salt in a 1:1 ratio. The aim of using Himalayan salt is to give this type of salt a natural pink color.
  3. Third, bake the salt in the oven at a low temperature which can remove moisture.
  4. Fourth, add activated charcoal to the salt mixture to get a deep and strong black color.
  5. Fifth, mix all the ingredients with roasted salt until evenly mixed when using activated charcoal.
  6. Sixth, store black salt in an airtight container. This aims to maintain the humidity and quality of this type of salt.
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That is the interesting explanation above that can be conveyed regarding how to make black salt. Hopefully after reading the discussion in this article, you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight. And in the future it can be useful and can apply this knowledge in everyday life.