How to Crop On Capcut PC Step-by-Step

How to Crop on CapCut PC – This procedure is made easy and effective by the user-friendly and robust video editing program CapCut. In this guide, we’ll look at how to crop films using CapCut on your PC. For content producers, the ability to crop films may be crucial since it enables you to emphasize certain sections of a movie, eliminate distracting areas, or change the aspect ratio to match various platforms. Let’s get started by learning how to crop on CapCut PC now!

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How to Crop on CapCut PC

A basic video editing method called cropping allows you to improve the composition of your recordings, get rid of extraneous features, or resize your footage to match other aspect ratios. You’re in luck if you’re using CapCut on your PC since it provides a flexible and user-friendly cropping tool that you can use to accomplish all of these objectives and more. We’ll go through the fundamentals of how to crop on CapCut PC in this part. The cropping capabilities in CapCut are simple to use and may significantly improve the quality of your films, regardless of your level of editing experience.

Step 1, Import Your Video

Open CapCut on your computer. To begin a new project, click the New Project button. Click the file to choose it after navigating to the folder containing your video file. To add the video to your fresh project, click Open.

Step 2, Select the Cropping Tool

Click the video clip you wish to crop in the timeline. It will have a white border to accentuate it. Simply click on the Crop tool in the toolbar above the timeline to activate the crop option. You may utilize the Crop menu after clicking it to bring it up.

Step 3, Choose Your Cropping Options

You may choose from a number of settings to modify your crop under the cropping menu:

  • Presets
    The default aspect ratios that CapCut offers are 1:1 (square), 9:16 (vertical), and 16:9. To apply the chosen preset to your video, click on it.
  • Custom
    Select the Custom option if you wish to manually alter the crop. By moving the cropping box’s corners or edges, you will be able to flexibly change the crop area.

Step 4, Adjust the Crop Area

To resize the cropping box to meet your needs, click and drag its corners or edges. Next to move the box around the video frame, simply click and drag the box’s center. To see how your cropped video will appear, use the preview window. To make sure the crop covers the appropriate region for the duration of the film, you may play the video. Click the Apply button in the cropping option after you are happy with your crop. Your video clip in the timeline will now have the crop applied.

Step 5, Export Your Cropped Video

Click the Export button in the upper right corner of the window after applying the crop. Choose the resolution and file type that you want to export in. To begin the export procedure, click the Export button once more. When you specify a place on your PC, CapCut will store the cropped movie there.