How To Clean Linoleum Floors How To Clean Linoleum Floors. Linoleum flooring was discovered by Frederick Walton in 1860. Then, this type of flooring was widely used for businesses and homes until the 1960s. After that, the floor became popular again in Europe and the United States because of its natural materials. Linoleum floors are very well known, have many design choices and are pocket friendly.

The reason is, the floor is made from flexible floor covering materials and natural ingredients, starting from linseed oil, pressed from the seeds of the herb plant, limestone, wood flour, and pigments. Then, all these materials are combined with resin and cut into sheet form. Apart from being made from natural materials, this floor is very strong and abrasion resistant. In fact, the surface feels soft and warm on the feet. Interestingly, linoleum floors can last up to fifteen years and can be used longer at home. So, how do you clean linoleum floors easily? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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Characteristics of Linoleum Flooring

The following are the characteristics of this floor, including:

  • First, linoleum material is more elastic when compared to vinyl or ceramic flooring. This makes the floor easy to install and is a sticky floor that is easy to apply.
  • Second, the pores on the floor surface do not easily absorb stains and are easy to clean.
  • Third, the floor material can be cut during the installation process if there is excess material.
  • Fourth, there are various interesting motifs and designs available. This can be adjusted to the interior design of the room.
  • Fifth, the floor material is non-flammable and termite resistant.

Types of Linoleum Material

Several types of materials that are often used include:

  • Marmoleum: This type of material comes from marble. Then, the base surface has a motif that is similar to a marble floor.
  • Artoleum: This type of material has 3 unique motifs that you can choose from. Starting from crocodile skin motifs, spots and plain motifs.
  • Walton: This type of material consists of various motifs and designs that are interesting to try. Starting from wood grain motifs, concrete motifs, stone and other contemporary motifs.
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How To Clean Linoleum Floors

The following are several ways you can clean linoleum floors, including:

  • The first is to clean the linoleum floor thoroughly and remove any loose particles or dirt that are on the surface of the material. This can be done by sweeping and vacuuming thoroughly using the hard floor setting on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Second, use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the entire floor. This is done to remove remaining small sand particles that have the potential to scratch the floor when mopping.
  • Third, prepare bucket filled with hot water and mix in six to eight drops of dish soap. Then, avoid using anything harsh or acidic. After that, stir the ingredients until evenly mixed.
  • Fourth, dip the mop into the bucket containing soap and wring it until clean. Because Linoleum is prone to damage due to standing water, you can use as little liquid as possible to clean the floor.
  • Fifth, you can divide the room into several parts. Then, complete each section and dip the mop into the bucket. Then, squeeze until dry and start again from the next section. Do this until the entire floor is finished.
  • Sixth, rinse the floor with hot water and mop the entire linoleum floor again. The goal is to remove soap residue left on the floor. Dry the floor after washing thoroughly to remove any remaining moisture.
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That is the interesting explanation above that can be conveyed about how to clean linoleum floors. Hopefully after reading the discussion in this article, you can understand it well, use it as an additional reference, increase your knowledge and insight. And in the future, it can be useful and can apply this knowledge in everyday life.