How to Change Default Card in Apple Wallet

How to Change Default Card in Apple Wallet – Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you accidentally used the wrong card to make a purchase. Unfortunately, you’ll encounter this issue frequently if you use Apple Pay without switching the default card.

However, once you figure out how to modify your default Apple Pay card, it doesn’t have to be a source of concern. If you’re anything like your beloved author, you have far too many responsibilities and not enough time to manage every spending or take the effort to add and remove cards from Apple Pay.

To establish your default card on Apple Pay, follow the instructions in this article to prevent any more issues. After that, you won’t have to worry about using the incorrect card whenever you make a transaction!

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How to Change Default Card in Apple Wallet

1. On iPhone

On your iPhone, Apple makes it easy to switch the default card. You won’t even have to adhere to any instructions or tap the screen. You just need to drag and drop a card at the top to set it as your preferred Apple Pay card.

  • Open the Wallet App Now, hold the card you want to set as the default.
  • Drag the Card to the Top. Without releasing the card, slide your finger up so the card moves to the top (by on top, we mean you can see the entire card).
  • Release the card, and a pop-up will appear confirming that it is the new default card.
  • You can also quickly find the Wallet app in the App Library if you can’t find it on the home screen.

2. On iPhone Settings

You may also alter the default card in your iPhone’s Settings app if the aforementioned technique doesn’t work for you. Although it requires a few more touches, some of our readers might find this alternative to be more useful.

Follow these steps to modify the Apple Pay card that is selected as your default in the iPhone settings:

  • Select Apple Pay and Wallet.
  • Launch the iPhone’s Settings app. After that, tap the Apple Pay and Wallet icon.
  • Select the Default Card.
  • Select Default Card after navigating to the Transaction Defaults section.
  • Press the Card
  • Lastly, give the card you wish to be the default a tap. Before exiting the Settings app, make sure the card has a blue checkbox next to it.

3. On Mac or iPad

Users of iPads running iOS and OSX must take a separate route in order to modify their default card for Apple Pay. Thankfully, the procedure is also easy. All that’s required of you is to:

  • Access the Settings
    If you’re using a Mac, click the Apple symbol and select System Preferences (System Settings on previous OSX versions). If you are using an iPad, open the Settings app.
  • Access the Wallet
    Navigate the settings menu by scrolling down and selecting Wallet.
  • Assign the Default Card
    There is a Default Card option if you look at the menu’s settings. Press it. Next, choose which card to set as the default.
  • You’ll be able to tell whether the adjustment was effective on your Mac and iPad.