What is Garlic Salt and How to Make Garlic Salt

How to Make Garlic Salt – There are many methods to include garlic into your meals without having to peel the cloves, which is not surprising given how widely used garlic is as an aromatic ingredient. I’ve already provided recipes for garlic paste, garlic powder, and even garlic-infused olive oil since I enjoy making things from scratch. But now it’s time for this wonderful and really easy homemade garlicsalt recipe.

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What is Garlic Salt?

Popular flavored salts like garlicsalt are great for giving savory foods an extra garlicky, salty punch. Table salt, dried garlic powder, and an anti-caking agent are the usual ingredients. Nevertheless, some variations include additional spices (such as onion powder), synthetic flavorings, and other ingredients.

Fortunately, you only need two ingredients to prepare it at home. Even better, you may choose between using conventional table salt and salts that are higher in minerals, like sea salt, make your own fresh garlic powder, and adjust the ratios to your preference. The finished seasoned salt is more flavorful and might even help you save money!

What Different GarlicSalt and Garlic Powder

Simple dehydration and grinding create garlic powder. Afterward, garlicsalt mixes salt and the powder to create a fragrant seasoning salt.

1. Garlic Salt Ingredients

You may omit the anti-caking agent when preparing this at home, necessitating the use of only two components. You may buy dried garlic powder or create your own at home (for a great and fresh garlic flavor!). For the finest flavor, just be sure it’s fresh. Use sea salt or kosher salt in place of the customary table salt if you choose.

How to Make GarlicSalt

Learn the proper garlic salt ratio of 3:1 parts salt to part garlic powder (by volume) or 6:1 parts salt to part garlic powder (by weight) to make this wonderful homemade seasoned salt at home. Simply put the ingredients in a spice jar, give it a good shake, and store.

Method for Homemade Garlic Powder

Using a food dehydrator, an oven, or even air drying garlic bulbs before grinding them, it is easy to make homemade dried garlic powder at home. See my recipe for garlic powder for the complete instructions and advice!