How to Restart Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to Restart Pokemon Sun – You’ll need to know how to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon if you’re playing the Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon Sun or Moon and wish to throw away your save file in order to play the game through again, attempt a different beginning Pokemon, or just change the name of your character.

Although it’s a rather easy process, there are no clear instructions on how to reset your Pokemon Sun or Moon game. We’ll cover everything you’ll need to know to finish the procedure in this post.

We’ll also go over the process of soft resetting, which is quite helpful for shiny Pokemon hunters as it allows you to easily return to your previous save if a particular Pokemon is too difficult to capture the first time around.

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How to restart Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, like all other Pokemon games, only lets you have one save file, thus if you wish to accomplish any of the aforementioned tasks, you’ll need to restart the game. The instructions listed here will help you effectively reset Pokemon Sun and Moon. You will have the opportunity to confirm your choice, so don’t worry if you reach the finish and don’t want to restart the game. The instructions below will help you reset Pokemon Sun or Moon.

1. Open Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Start Pokemon Sun or Moon on your Nintendo 3DS.

2. Input X, B, and Up.

When the menu screen for the game appears, hit these keys: Using the D-pad, press X, B, and Up to access the save file deletion option.

3. Verify the reset.

If you select “yes,” your copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon will be reset.

You may have many experiences in the Aloha area by just repeating this step if you wish to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon again. If you’re playing other 3DS Pokemon games, this procedure should still work because most 3DS Pokemon resets follow the same steps.

Pokemon Sun and Moon soft reset instructions

You may easily find a soft reset to enable you to continue searching for the coveted shiny Pokemon instead of entirely restarting Pokemon Sun and Moon. You may easily obtain your desired shiny Pokemon by soft resetting your Pokemon Sun or Moon game. This will return you to the start screen, where you can quickly and effectively load at the precise location you last saved. No complex tricks or workarounds are required.

Here’s how to finish Pokemon Sun and Moon’s soft reset so you can start capturing those uncommon creatures!

  • Put your game on hold.
    Save your game while you’re playing Pokemon Sun or Moon.
  • Press SELECT, R, and L.
    When you’re ready to do a soft reset, use the SELECT, L, and R buttons.
  • Open the saved file.
    Now that you’re on the main menu, you may open your saved game.