How To Remove Braces Glue

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow To Remove Braces Glue. Braces or stirrups are tools used to straighten the ideal arrangement of teeth. Then, the tool works by gently applying pressure to the teeth and moving the teeth to their ideal position. In use, there are 2 types of braces, starting from the permanent type (cannot be removed) and the removable type (can be removed). Then, the purpose of installing these braces, namely increases self-confidence, helps maintain healthy teeth and gums in the long term and provides comfort in chewing food. Usually, this device is installed when there are dental problems in children aged 12-13 years.

This is because the mouth and jaw are still growing and are easier to correct their position. However, braces can still be installed on adults even though the effect is limited and requires a longer treatment time. An important component that must be paid attention to when installing this tool is adhesive glue. The reason is, this glue is used as an adhesive which is used to correct the position of uneven teeth. However, the glue needs to be removed after straightening your teeth or there is a problem with the tool. So, you can remove this glue yourself at home with the right steps. So, how do you remove the glue from the tool? Come on, see the explanation in the article below.

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How To Remove Braces Glue

The following are the steps to easily remove braces glue, including:

1. Preparation Of Tools and Materials

Make sure you prepare all the tools and materials needed. Starting from cotton or soft cloth, coconut oil or olive oil, toothbrush and warm water.

2. Clean Your Teeth and Braces

You can clean your teeth and braces by brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste. Then, make sure the teeth and braces are clean before continuing the glue removal process.

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3. Use Coconut Oil (Olive Oil)

You can use coconut oil (olive oil) to help loosen the glue from the tool. Then, this method can be done by soaking cotton (soft cloth) in the oil. After that, apply it to the part of the braces that is covered in glue. Then, wait until the oil is absorbed for a few minutes to make the glue softer.

4. Scrub The Glue With A Toothbrush

Use a toothbrush to scrub the part of the wire that is covered in glue. Then, rub gently and do it slowly. The goal is so that the glue can be removed and does not damage the structure of the teeth or braces.

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5. Rinse With Warm Water

After the glue has been removed, you can rinse your mouth with warm water. This is done to clean the remaining oil and glue that is still attached. Then, make sure to rinse your mouth so that the remaining oil and glue are completely removed.

6. Check With A Dentist

Have your teeth checked by a dentist to make sure the glue removal process is going well and there are no problems that need to be treated. Usually, the dentist will provide advice or further treatment after the glue is removed.

That is the explanation that can be given about how to remove braces glue. Hope it is useful.