How to Print on Mac ? Very Easy !!

How to Print on Mac – I can’t possibly count how many articles, emails, images, and spreadsheets I’ve printed utilizing wireless printing over the years, yet I’m continually fascinated by the technology. Even in the era of quick wireless printing, it’s nice to know that you can still physically connect a computer to a printer for offline printing.

There are only a few easy steps and fast keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks to learn before you can begin printing from a Mac.

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How to print wirelessly from a Mac

Printing from a Mac is wonderfully easy if your computer and printer already linked. Once you’ve decided the file type—a document, website, image, or other—you want to print, just do the following:

  1. Press “Command + P,” or click “File” on the taskbar at the top, then choose “Print…”
  2. Examine your options in the pop-up box, and then click print if everything is as you want it to be.

The end of that. Unless your computer hasn’t yet configured to use that neighboring printer. On the Print pop-up window, click the taskbar icon next to the word Printer, then choose “Add Printer” if you don’t see any printers available (or at least not the printer you wish to use).

The computer should subsequently be able to identify any nearby Wi-Fi-connected printers. If your printer doesn’t show up, check its settings on the printer itself (this may need the use of an app), and make sure it is turned on, online, and connected to the correct network. You can always make a cable connection to the printer if none of that works or if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

How to print from a Mac with a USB cable

Make sure your Mac is software-up-to-date before printing via a wired connection to save time by enabling your computer to easily recognize the printer you’re going to connect. Check read our post on “How to manually update your Mac computer” for details on how to accomplish this.

  1. Plug the USB cord into your Mac and then into the printer.
  2. Press “Command + P” or choose File, then Print… to make the connected printer your default option. You may print now.

If asked to download additional software, do so right away. Additionally, you may purchase a multiport adaptor to enable a USB output to connect to your Mac’s USB-C (or other) input if your computer cannot handle the same connection as the Mac.