How to Play Monopoly Bid Game for Beginner Step by Step

How to Play Monopoly Bid – The newest card game from Hasbro, Monopoly Bid, released in 2020. It aims to distill the winning formula of Monopoly into a quick game that can played on the go or in a short length of time. However, how it played? Is it a standalone game with unique rules, or is it only a modernized version of Monopoly Deal?

I’ll go over how to play Monopoly Bid in this guide, complete with all the rules and some strategic tips to help you win more rounds than you lose.

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How to Play Monopoly Bid

In Monopoly Bid, participants alternately conduct an auction for a piece of real estate selected from the property deck. Bids made all at once by players who participate in blind auctions. The property won by the highest bidder, while the game won by the first player to finish three sets. Below a brief synopsis of the primary Monopoly Bid card game rules, which derived from the game’s instructions:

  • Summary
    Ages 7 and up are suitable. for a group of two to five players.
  • How to Win: Gather all three sets of properties.


To make a draw deck, shuffle the action cards and money cards together. Place the property card deck next to the draw deck after it has been shuffled.
Five cards from the draw deck are required for each player.

Launching the game

The auctioneer is the player who is youngest when the game begins.

  • From the draw deck, each person pulls a card.
  • Any action card that the auctioneer wants to play is played.
  • The top property card is turned over by the auctioneer.
  • The auctioneer says, “1, 2, 3, Bid!” once everyone has indicated they are ready to place their bid, and everyone places their bid at the same time.
  • The card is won by the person who makes the highest offer. Next to the draw deck, their money cards are disposed of in the discard pile. The money cards of other players are returned to their hands.
  • Play proceeds clockwise, with the player to the left of the youngest player beginning the following turn.

That’s the basic idea of the game; nevertheless, some of the rules have subtleties, so let’s go over them one by one.

Engaging in the game

In Monopoly Bid, how are auctions hosted?

You cannot play any action cards during your turn as the auctioneer until after players have drawn a card. Turn over the top property card, give everyone time to get ready to make a bid, and then extend an invitation to view the bids. It’s critical that you take these actions in the correct order since players may draw the cards required to place a bid. Additionally, you must allow players enough time to get ready to bid.

The hidden nature of bids is the entire purpose of Monopoly Bid. Everyone bids simultaneously, so you aren’t supposed to know how much someone else is bidding before you do. It’s tactical; you’re attempting to determine how much to offer without going over budget in order to obtain the property you desire.

In order for everyone to play their bids at precisely the same time, make sure that everyone has enough time to gather their bids. When you’re certain that everyone is prepared, declare, “1, 2, 3, Bid!” and all participants, including you, ought to lay down their bids faceup on the table. After determining the highest bidder, give that person the property card. Other players pick up their money cards to use again in a subsequent turn, and the money they have bid goes into the discard pile.