How to Play Gomoku for Beginners

Luxembourgguidelines.orgHow to Play Gomoku. Gomoku is a game that has its own difficulties, as there are many challenges to solve. This traditional Japanese game, similar to tic-tac-toe, is played by 2 people. During the game, players take turns to place pieces and white on the board with the goal of creating an unbroken line of 5 pieces in any direction. The game of Gomoku is played on a board that has a 15×15 grid of lines, but is sometimes played on a Go board, which has a larger grid of 19×19 and has a deeper difficulty.

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How to play Gomoku effectively

The following are several ways to play gomoku, including:

1. Divide the black and white pieces between the two players equally

Gomoku is played with black pieces and white pieces, round shapes called stones. In a game of gomoku one player will get black pieces and one player will get an equal number of white pieces.Gomoku pieces are similar to Go pieces, although the way of playing is different, you can play Gomoku games using Go sets.

2. Start the game by playing the black stones first

According to the rules of Gomoku, the player who gets the black stone will start the game first. Stones are placed at the intersections created by the grid of lines on the board (not in the box). In a standard Gomoku game, you can place stones on any intersection you choose, while on your turn. Once you place a piece on an intersection, it cannot be moved during the game. By this standard, it is mathematically proven that the black pieces can always win if they play optimally.

3. The player with the white stone gets the next turn

As in the first step, where the player with the black pieces will get the first turn to play, it is then the turn of the player with the white pieces who will get the chance to place the pieces on the kiki-kisi board. During a Gomoku game, the length of a turn is usually measured using a chess clock. That is, the player who manages to place a piece in an unbroken line will continue the game. And the time limit for most Gomoku tournaments is 10 minutes per player for each game.

4. Target 5 pieces in a row to win the game

To win, you need to be the first player to make an unbroken line of your 5 stones. The line itself is free, it can go in any direction: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.Although Gomoku rules vary, the standard variation of Gomoku stipulates a winning line of 5 stones and no more. Any line of 6 or more is called an “overline” and will not count.

Playing strategically to win the Gomoku game

To win a Gomuku game, you need to be strategic. You should not be fooled by your opponent’s play, which places the stone pieces in the center. You can apply the triangle pattern strategy to lock your opponent. Then occasionally you pay attention to the position of your opponent’s line when he will place the stone in his position.

With this strategy, you have a great chance of winning the Gomoku game. However, keep in mind that the Gomoku game is to train your focus in running things, so if you place a piece in the wrong position, you must be prepared to lose.

Your focus will be a big thing in addition to your optimal strategy, for that you are advised to practice continuously to be able to win every Gomoku game.