How to Play Diablo 4 on Mac for Beginner

How to Play Diablo 4 on Mac – A great hack-and-slash action role-playing game with tons of content to explore is Diablo 4. Unfortunately, there is no version of the game available for Apple Macs. We’re going to go into great detail about how to play Diablo 4 on Mac today. We have provided multiple approaches so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

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How to Play Diablo 4 on Mac

1. Via Corssover

Using CrossOver is the first way to play Diablo 4 on a Mac. Using a program called CrossOver, you can convert Windows commands into a format that is understandable by your Mac. The required APIs, plugins, and components will be automatically detected and installed to enable native Windows app functionality on your Mac. CrossOver Mac requires a license, which costs $64 and must be purchased once. Before making a purchase, you can also use a 14-day trial version of the software. To get going, adhere to the instructions below:

  • On your Mac, download the CrossOver application. Launch the app after installing it.
  • If you have previously bought CrossOver software, register it. If not, click “Try Now” to begin the 14-day trial.
  • Choose the search box located in the upper-left corner of the CrossOver app home screen. Enter Steam.
  • Diablo IV may be downloaded and purchased on Steam. Open the game after it has downloaded to begin playing!
  • This solution only works on Macs with Apple Silicon and allows you to execute Windows software natively without using an emulator or virtual machine.

2. Via airGPU

A cloud PC platform called airGPU lets you “rent” computers. Because there are many different configurations available, it’s a great way to play AAA titles like Diablo IV. Register with the airGPU website. You can configure your cloud PC to have the GPU type, RAM, and storage capacity that you desire. After configuring everything, choose “Create Machine.” To use your cloud PC, select “Start” after adding credit to your account. To access the cloud PC, though, you’ll need to download extra software. Use the instruction below:

  • Make sure to choose “Connect with Moonlight” from the airGPU dashboard. Details about your cloud PC will appear as a pop-up window.
  • Install “Moonlight” on your Mac after downloading it.
  • After installation, launch Moonlight.
  • Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner to select “Settings.”
  • Adjust the bitrate and resolution to the values indicated in the step 1 pop-up.
  • To integrate your airGPU cloud PC with Moonlight, return to the main screen and click the “+” symbol.
  • Here, paste the URL that appeared in the step 1 pop-up.
  • The Moonlight home screen will list the airGPU cloud PC. Choose it, then examine the pop-up. In order to unlock your airGPU cloud PC, a PIN will be displayed. Take a copy of it.
  • In the dialog box from step 1, enter the PIN on your airGPU dashboard. Next, press “Select.”
  • On the Moonlight home screen, choose the airGPU PC after it has been paired.
  • To begin playing, download Steam, buy Diablo IV, and set it up on your cloud computer.

3. Via macOS Sonoma Compatibility

Apple revealed the Game Porting Toolkit along with the release of macOS Sonoma 14, the newest version of the operating system. With the help of these development tools, developers may test their games on Macs and determine what is required in order to begin the porting process. But consumers can also play Windows games themselves thanks to this. The complexity of this approach is a drawback. Since you’ll be coding on your Mac, you must be proficient in this field.

Your Mac must be running the most recent version of macOS Sonoma in order for you to use the Game Porting Toolkit. Additionally, in order to obtain the necessary tools, you must have an Apple Developer account. Here is a link to a Reddit guide that explains how to use this method and includes a video clip of Diablo 4 operating on a Mac.