How to Get Hothead Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2

How to Get Hothead Destiny 2 – With its god roll, the Hothead one of the greatest Legendary Rocket Launchers that Guardians may obtain in Destiny 2. This makes it an excellent weapon to utilize in any kind of activity. The Hothead is a dependable, robust rocket launcher with a well-rounded grip since it is an Adaptive Frame Arc weapon. Although The Hothead lacks an innate tracking module, it does have access to a few perk combinations that let Guardians use its high damage output and quick reload times against monsters and other Guardians as well as vehicles.

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How to Get Hothead Destiny 2

The Hothead god roll is a valuable Arc weapon in the latest Arc 3.0 update for Destiny 2. After Seasons 16 and 17, the Arc subclass the final ability set to undergo a comprehensive redesign in The Witch Queen expansion. Previous updates included the Void 3.0 and Solar 3.0 updates. Up until the premiere of Season 18, or at the absolute least, soon after the announcement date, the specifics of Arc 3.0 and the impending revisions kept under wraps. But if the update anything like what the Guardians experienced in Season of the Haunted and Season of the Risen, then it’s probably going to include seasonal modifications, aspects, and fragments that will help any Arc weapon, like The Hothead.

The Hothead Rocket Launcher is only available to Guardians as a weekly prize when they finish a Nightfall task. In addition, players that defeat a GM Nightfall in Destiny 2 can obtain The Hothead (Adept), which enables the Rocket Launcher to utilize Adept weapon modifications. Guardians should attempt to get the god roll of the adept form of The Hothead if they can finish Grandmaster Nightfalls, even if both versions have access to the same benefits. Thankfully, The Hothead is playable this week in Destiny 2, and because of the temporary double-reward boost in Nightfall activities, Guardians may obtain two Rocket Launchers by finishing the action.

The Hothead God Roll In Destiny 2

The benefits in The Hothead’s first two columns are not nearly as significant as those in the third and fourth columns, as is the case with the majority of Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2. However, features like Confined Launch, Volatile Launch, and Quick Launch are all excellent choices in the first column. In Destiny 2, Black Powder, High-Velocity Rounds, or Impact Casing are advantageous for all Rocket Launcher god rolls. Additionally, Alloy Casing is a useful PvE perk as it greatly accelerates The Hothead’s reload speed. With a few of the combinations listed below, Guardians ought to receive The Hothead god roll:

  • Vorpal Weapon, Tracking Module, or Lasting Impression
  • Clown Cartridge/Field Preparation
  • Vorpal Weapon or Auto-Loading/Lasting Impression