How to Delete Facetime Calls History on Macbook Step by Step

How to Delete Facetime Calls History on Macbook – Millions of Apple customers worldwide use FaceTime every day to stay in touch with friends, family, and even business associates. It’s an affordable means of communication. You may quickly and simply make free phone calls or texts to other Apple users as long as you have a dependable internet connection.

However, over time, particularly if you don’t constantly clean it, that call history accumulates. To be honest, not many individuals actually take the time to do it. Even if you have to clear away some space on your Mac, you usually start by clearing out the usual suspects, which include downloads, programs, and images.

However, if you’re trying to clear up some space on your computer, you might want to start with your FaceTime history. You may clean out your Macbook‘s FaceTime history by following the instructions in this article.

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Facetime Calls History

On your Mac, accessing your FaceTime history is a simple and quick operation. This covers calls made using both voice and video. By selecting Finder > Applications > FaceTime or by clicking the FaceTime app icon in the taskbar, you may see your history.

With the most recent calls shown at the top, the software provides you with a rudimentary history of the calls you’ve made and received on your Mac. This includes missed and unanswered calls that you have made. By selecting the Information icon located to the right of each entry, you may view the specifics of each call.

This displays details such as the caller’s name, the duration of the call, and the ability to text, phone, or FaceTime them, if you have their contact information saved. It goes without saying that Apple keeps your FaceTime history for 30 days before deleting it.

How to delete FaceTime calls on Macbook

On a Mac, you may either erase a particular FaceTime call log or remove all of your recent FaceTime conversations. Macbook Pro and Macbook Air users can remove FaceTime calls. To begin, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Tap the FaceTime app to view your call history from the taskbar.
  • To remove an entry, hover over it. Swipe the trackpad to the left with two fingers.
  • Next to the FaceTime entry, click the red Delete button.

To delete each individual call log from your FaceTime history, follow these steps again. Of course, if you have a large number of submissions to review, this might become a laborious process. You may wish to remove your most recent FaceTime conversations in light of this.