How to Delete Apps on Vizio Smart TV, Step by Step

How to Delete Apps on Vizio Smart TV – Occasionally, you may choose to remove or uninstall an app from your Vizio Smart TV because you have used it to its limit. Alternatively, the program may not be working properly and you may like to remove it before reinstalling it. Regardless of the situation, removing and uninstalling apps from your Vizio SmartTV is a simple process that varies based on the Vizio platform. You may learn how to remove your Vizio Smart TV applications from this page.

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How To Delete Apps on VIZIO Smart TV

You may remove applications from your VIZIO Smart TV in the following ways:

  • Go to the home screen: If your Smart TV does not display the home screen immediately after turning on, hit the Home button.
  • Press the Smart Hub icon.
  • Navigate to My applications by clicking on the app icon in the collection of applications.
  • Get rid of the app. Press the delete button on the remote control after selecting the program you wish to remove. To confirm your choice, select Yes. The removed app is no longer available in the collection.

How to Remove Apps from a Vizio Smart Television

The only distinction between deleting and uninstalling an app is that the former may still be included in the list of installed applications. Follow these actions if your removed applications are still visible at the bottom of the screen on your home page:

  • Go to the removed applications.
  • Select the applications by clicking.
  • There are two alternatives available to you: Uninstall and Reinstall.
  • Select Uninstall, then click OK to confirm.

VIZIO Internet Application Plus (VIA Plus): How to Delete Apps

The process of removing applications from VIZIO VIA varies somewhat from that of VIZIO VIA Plus:

  • In order to activate the VIA button, turn on your TV first.
  • Go to the Apps tab. After clicking the VIA button, choose My Apps from the popup that appears. Your installed app should now be visible.
  • Highlight and Delete applications: Using the yellow button on your remote control, locate the applications you wish to remove and select them.
  • To confirm the delete, click the “Delete” button and then “OK.”

How to Remove Applications from the VIZIO Online Application (VIA)

You can remove applications from the VIZIO Internet Application (VIA) in the following ways:

  • Once your TV has turned on, hit the VIA button on your remote control. The bottom of the screen will display the installed apps.
  • Highlight and Delete Unwanted Apps: Using your remote control, press the yellow button to choose the unwanted apps. After that, you may remove the applications by clicking the delete option. To confirm the removal, click “OK.”
  • The application won’t show up with installed apps anymore.

Delete Apps on Vizio SmartCast: A Guide

The apps on the SmartCast platform are pre-installed, thus you cannot install or remove them from the platform. Additionally, since the TV will update the applications automatically, there won’t be a need for user intervention. You may mirror or screen share your activity and screen to utilize an app that isn’t on the platform.

Resetting factory settings is the only way to remove the applications, and you may accomplish this by doing the following steps:

  • Click the Menu button on your device.
  • Select Factory Settings from the System menu, then select Reset and admin.
  • Following the reset, your SmartCast should function like new and you won’t have any loaded apps.