How to Delete a Minehut Server Step by Step

How to Delete a Minehut Server – Can I delete a Minehut server? Currently, you are unable to delete a server on Minehut. However, there are other ways you can delete a server and create more servers, which we will explain now. We explain multiple different alternatives, so make sure you read them all to decide which will work best for you. If you would like to delete your Minehut server, we will explain the steps you need to follow to do so. You can only have two servers on your account without purchasing credits or a server plan on Minehut, so it makes sense that you might want to delete one for the purpose of creating a new one.

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How to Delete a Minehut Server

Establish a new server.

  • You can add another server to your account if you haven’t already made two.
  • Go to your Minehut dashboard and select “Create New Server” from the green box to start a new server.
  • Next, you must provide the name of your newly created server. The name cannot be longer than 12 characters, however it must contain at least 4 characters.
  • Click “Create” in the green box after entering the name.
  • Upon returning to your dashboard, you may choose which version of Minecraft your new server will run and, if you’d like, activate it.
  • Once the server is up and running, you may adjust its settings and personalize it further.

It’s possible that you’ve already set up two servers on your Minehut account, therefore this might not be possible.

Give a current Minehut server a reset.

Rather than erasing and starting from scratch, you might want to think about resetting a server that already exists on your Minehut account. Essentially, it is the same thing to reset a server as it is to delete it and create a new one. The world, along with all player data and backups, will be reset when a server is reset. There will also be a number of options reverted back to default. Remember that once you begin, there is no turning back now, so be sure you want to start over.

Make a fresh account on Minehut.

Since you can only have two free servers per Minehut account, you might want to consider starting a new server instead of canceling the old one.

  • In order to log out of your current Minehut account, select “Account” from the sidebar on the left.
  • Next, select “Sign Out.”
  • The Minehut homepage will reload for you.
  • You now have to select “Sign Up In Seconds” to start the process of making a new account.
  • Once there, you may fill out a sign-up form with your information.

It’s crucial to remember that your other Minehut account will require a separate email address. Every account has to have a unique email address.

The details that you must supply are:

  • A message via email
  • A passcode
  • On your birthday
  • If you don’t already have one, it’s simple to set one up using services like Gmail, Yahoo, or GMX.

You may create your account by clicking “Sign Up” after completing the sign-up form. You may now start a new Minehut server without wiping the old one.

Speak with Minehut support.

You can think about contacting Minehut via their help website if you have a compelling cause to have your server erased. Verify that the server you wish to remove is connected to your Minehut account and that you are logged in. After that, select “Support” from the Minehut sidebar on the left. It appears as an icon with a question mark inside a circle.

There are other alternatives available, but you must select “Contact Support.” This will direct you to an application that you must complete. After providing some basic information, you will be able to explain the specifics of your problem and the reason for your request to have a server deleted from Minehut.