How to Block a Number on Apple Watch for Beginner

Block a Number on Apple Watch – The well-liked wearable Apple Watch has a lot of functions that can keep you organized and connected. The feature to filter unsolicited calls and messages is one of its helpful features. You may prevent undesired contacts from disturbing you and preserve your peace of mind by blocking a number on your Apple Watch.

We’ll walk you through two distinct ways to block a number on your Apple Watch in this post. While the second technique needs you to block the number on your associated iPhone, it will sync the blocked numbers to your Apple Watch automatically. The first approach includes blocking a number directly on the Apple Watch itself.

Blocking a number on your Apple Watch can provide you relief and control over your incoming calls and texts, whether you’re dealing with telemarketers who are bothersome, spam callers that keep calling, or just someone you don’t want to talk to any more.

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Block a Number on Apple Watch

If you would rather complete the task on your Apple Watch directly, block a number by following these easy steps:

  • Start by launching the Apple Watch’s “Phone” app. To accomplish this, press and hold the Digital Crown to open the app launcher, then tap the “Phone” icon.
  • After that, select the “Recents” option to get a list of the most recent calls you have made or received.
  • Find the number you wish to block by scrolling down the list. Swipe left on the number when you locate it to make the “More” button visible.
  • You will get a variety of alternatives when you tap the “More” button.
  • Select the option “Block this Caller” from the list of possibilities. By taking this step, you will successfully block the number and stop receiving calls and texts from that specific contact in the future.
  • Just follow the same steps and choose “Unblock this Caller” if you decide later that you would like to unblock the number.

On your Apple Watch, blocking a number is an easy and quick approach to stop unsolicited calls. Until you take deliberate action to remove the banned number, it will stay on your blocked list. Remember that when you block a number on your Apple Watch, calls and texts from that specific number will not appear on your watch. You can do the actions listed in the next section if you also wish to block the number on your linked iPhone.

Syncing the iPhone and Apple Watch’s Blocked Numbers

The smooth syncing of a banned contact with your Apple Watch is one of the many benefits of banning a number on your iPhone. This synchronization makes sure that on both devices, the blocked numbers don’t change. But there are a few factors to consider in relation to this synchronization procedure:

1. iCloud Profile

In order to allow the synchronization of banned numbers, ensure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are both logged into the same iCloud account. In order to maintain your devices updated with the banned contacts, this synchronization depends on the iCloud service.

2. Internet Access

Both devices must have a steady internet connection for the synchronization procedure to work. Make sure you have cellular data or Wi-Fi access for both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

3. Temporary Disturbance

There may occasionally be a little lag between banning a number on your iPhone and the contact showing up as blocked on your Apple Watch. It is common for synchronization operations to cause this delay, which is typical.

4. Several Pairings for Apple Watches

The blocked numbers will sync with all of the associated Apple Watches if you have numerous watches synced with the same iPhone. Every watch will consistently prevent undesirable contacts thanks to this synchronization.