On Android Devices, How to Delete Picsart Video Files

How to Delete Picsart Files on Android – One of the greatest picture and video editing applications for iOS and Android smartphones is Picsart. For the purpose of making quick clips, slideshows, and videos for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others, the video editor provides a variety of effects, music, AI tools, and themes. Unfinished projects and video files might easily fill up your device’s capacity if you often edit movies using Picsart. This guide explains how to remove unnecessary Picsart video files from Android devices.

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How to Delete Picsart Files on Android

1. Delete Picsart Files in Gallery

You may view Picsart video files in the Gallery or Picture app on your smartphone. Check the “Videos” folder or category by opening the Picture or Gallery app on your phone. You may also discover Picsart video files under the “Recents” or “Recently Added Images” category, depending on the type of your Android smartphone.

To find the Picsart video file(s) you wish to remove, go through the thumbnails. Holding down on the video, pick Delete or Move to Trash from the menu by tapping the Delete or Bin symbol.

2. Delete Picsart Files in Your File Manager

Moreover, you may use any third-party file management software or the built-in File Manager on your phone to locate and remove stored Picsart adjustments.

  • Open the File Manager app and navigate to the Videos category.
  • To move between a List and Detailed List view, tap the menu icon in the upper-right corner, choose View, then press enter.
  • Look for videos with filenames that begin with “Picsart.”

If the folder contains a lot of Picsart video files, you may find the individual film you wish to remove by using the creation date and time shown below. To prevent erasing a crucial film or file, double-check or preview the movie.

  • To delete a video file or files, press and hold them, then tap the Delete icon.
  • To continue, choose Delete or Move to Trash.

The “Movies” folder on your device’s internal storage is another place you can discover Picsart video files. Open the Internal storage folder by going back to the File Manager or default Files app on your phone.

  • Find the Movies folder and open it.
  • To permanently remove a Picsart video file, pick the three-dot icon next to it and choose Delete, Move to Trash, or Delete.

Also using storage on your phone are items in the Bin/Trash folder. To make storage space available, we suggest permanently removing any unnecessary Picsart video files.

3. Delete Unfinished Picsart Video Projects

Users of Picsart may store incomplete modifications as video projects. You may greatly increase the amount of storage space on your smartphone by deleting Picsart video projects that you no longer require. To remove incomplete video projects, launch the Picsart app and adhere to the instructions below.

  • Press the Plus or Create icon.
  • Navigate to the Videos tab and look for incomplete video projects under the “My Projects” section.
  • To see every incomplete video production, tap See All.

It is not possible to retrieve deleted video projects. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t remove the incorrect video, we advise previewing each project.

  • To delete a video project, tap and hold it, then choose Delete Project from the pop-up menu.