How to Select Multiple Emails in Microsoft Outlook

How to Select Multiple Emails in Outlook – Do you use Outlook and want to streamline your email correspondence? If so, you’re at the proper location. We’ll walk you through the process of selecting numerous emails in Outlook in this article so you can transfer, delete, or handle emails with ease and speed. You will become an expert at choosing several emails quickly if you follow the simple methods provided in this article. Now let’s get going!

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What is Outlook?

The recommended email client for sending and receiving emails from Microsoft Exchange Server is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook also offers task management, email, calendar, and contact functions.

The Microsoft Office suite and Office 365, which also contains Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, feature Microsoft Outlook in addition to the standalone version of the program. Outlook is available to consumers for personal use as stand-alone email software as well as multiuser software for commercial usage. Users may work together with coworkers, exchange documents and project notes, send reminders, and more by integrating it with Microsoft SharePoint.

Outlook has a restricted feature set and is available as a free browser-based version. Those who don’t require the full version of the software can choose that over a Microsoft 365 subscription.

How to Select Multiple Emails in Outlook

We’ll go over a few different ways to pick numerous emails in Outlook below.

1. Drag-and-click Selection

  • Navigate to the folder holding the emails you wish to choose when you launch the Outlook program.
  • To choose the first email, move your cursor over it and click the checkbox with a circle around it.
  • Repeat this process for the other emails you wish to choose. Once finished, the chosen emails will have highlights.

2. Shift + Click Selection

  • Launch Outlook and navigate to the folder containing your emails.
  • Select the first email that you wish to click on.
  • Use your keyboard’s Shift key to depress it.
  • Click the last email you wish to choose while still holding Shift. This will choose every email from the first to the last.
  • Highlight the emails you’ve chosen by releasing the Shift key.

3. Ctrl + Click Selection

  1. Open Outlook and choose the intended folder.
  2. Select the first email that you wish to click on.
  3. Use your keyboard’s Ctrl key to depress the key.
  4. Click on each extra email you wish to choose while holding down the Ctrl key. You may choose and choose certain emails using this way.
  5. Highlight the emails you’ve chosen by releasing the Ctrl key.

In summary

Gaining proficiency in Microsoft Outlook’s multiple email selection feature may significantly enhance your inbox management and productivity. In this blog article, we looked at click-and-drag, Shift + Click, and Ctrl + Click selection strategies, among other ways to pick numerous emails.

With these simple steps, you may quickly identify emails that are consecutive or non-consecutive so you can archive, delete, or move them all at once. Feel free to give them a try!