How to Remove Challenge Tokens League of Legends

How to Remove Tokens League of Legends – With no signs of slowing down, League of Legends has become one of the most popular games on the globe thanks to its exponential growth over the years. Many new players still join the game and may require assistance with simple things like comprehending Challenge Tokens.

There was disagreement in the community about Riot Games’ addition of Challenges to League of Legends in Patch 12.9. But there was no obvious method to get Challenge Tokens from your profile in the game. Fortunately, there are now a number of workarounds available. You may delete Challenge Tokens in League of Legends by following these instructions.

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What do League of Legends challenge tokens mean?

One way to monitor a player’s progress in League of Legends is through Challenge Tokens. One may showcase a maximum of three on their profile at any one moment. These are the rewards you receive for finishing Challenges.

They provide you the chance to brag about your standing among League players in several game-related categories. In-game currency is available for a variety of activities, including as farming minions, avoiding skill shots, obtaining pentakills, and more.

A comprehensive tutorial on how to equip and modify your tokens is available for those want to show off to their peers. There are other options for individuals who, for whatever reason, wish to entirely get rid of them.

How to Remove Tokens League of Legends

Regretfully, the League of Legends client does not presently offer the ability to delete tokens directly. There are, nonetheless, workarounds. To remove tokens, launch League, visit ChallengesAreEvil, and select the “Remove tokens” button under MaciejGorczyca’s open-source software.

How to Modify Your League of Legends Challenge Tokens

This is how to modify the challenge tokens that appear on your profile.

Click on your symbol in the upper right corner of the client after logging into your account. The “Customize Identity” screen will appear as a result. Options for banners, titles, borders, and icons will be available. The “Tokens” tab is located exactly in the center.

All of the unlocked tokens will be shown once you switch to it. There’s a search box directly beneath the “tokens” page to make it easier for you to discover certain tokens. It will show the tokens you now have enabled just to the left of that search box. You can replace a token by clicking on the one you want to change, then choosing the new token from the ones you’ve unlocked.

If everything went according to plan, the “Customize Identity” screen’s left side display ought to show the revised information.