How to Make a Gamepass on Roblox Mobile

How to Make a Gamepass on Roblox MobileRoblox introduced the ability for users to make game passes in an update. After then, you might acquire Robux by using this pass. We beg to differ with those who claim that making one on your smartphone is unfeasible. It is possible to make a game pass in Roblox, as this post will explain in detail.

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How to make a gamepass on Roblox mobile

Step 1, Open the Official Roblox Website

Open the official Roblox website in your browser to start creating your own game pass. This is not possible with the mobile app. Which browser you’re using is irrelevant. Even though it might be a little simpler on Safari, this is achievable on both Android and iOS using any browser.

As previously indicated, this procedure is not available through the App. When you enter the website, it will ask you if you want to continue in the App. Therefore, choose “Continue in Browser.” After doing this, the Roblox website will appear. Click on Create in it.

Step 2, Login to Roblox

Logging in to Roblox will be required if, like most of you, you typically use the app rather than the website. To log in, enter your account information (password, phone number, and email). This is when things become tough.

The website stating that the studio is only compatible with Windows and Mac will appear once you log in and navigate to create. This is untrue. The browser and device you’re using will determine the best way to remove it.

Step 3, Request Dekstop Website

When you see this page in Safari on iOS, select ‘Request Desktop Website’ after selecting the ‘aA’ option at the top of the screen. This option may be located in the top left or bottom of your screen depending on the browser you’re using, including Android devices.

You should go to the triple dots on the top left of your screen and scroll all the way down if you are unable to see this choice anywhere, such as if you are using Chrome to view the page.

The “Desktop Site” option will be visible to you here. Check that box, and the website ought to function properly for you.

Step 4, Manage my Extensions

After logging in, select “Manage my extensions.” To make a design, this button has to be directly underneath the large button. below that, you will see an option with your name and the word “Place” below it. In front of it, there will be a drop-down menu that resembles a gear.

After you click on it, scroll down to “Create Pass.” When you select this option, a new page will appear where you must enter the information for your pass. Here, locate the pass image in your gallery, then give it a name. In order to draw more and more people to your pass, provide a brief description at the end.

After completing all the fields, choose Preview and then Verify Upload. An upload of your gamepass will occur. The next, and most crucial, step is to locate your Game Pass and click the cog symbol that appears in front of it. Click Configure after that.