How to Change Wifi on Wyze Cam Step by Step !

How to Change Wifi on Wyze Cam – As they say, “there is no place like home,” thus smart house owners should feel secure in their residences. Wyze cameras are essential for providing and enhancing your home security. Wyze cameras, like many other smart home appliances, require an internet connection in order to function. As a result, one must update their Wyze Camera whenever they relocate or modify their Wi-Fi connection. So, how can I modify the Wyze camera’s WiFi? I show you how to properly connect your Wyze camera to a new Wi-Fi in this guidepost. Now let’s get started.

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How To Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Cam?

Reconnecting your Wyze camera to the Wyze app as though you were configuring it is the best way to modify the Wi-Fi connection for your Wyze cam. This procedure modifies your camera’s Wi-Fi network settings without changing any other options. During the QR code scanning portion of the setup procedure, the devices share Wi-Fi data.

Crucially, for this to function, you do not need to reset or uninstall the Wyze camera from the app. The Wyze v1, v2, v3, and Wyze Pan cameras are compatible with this method. You can override your network settings by repeating the setup procedure because the camera does not remember them.

To modify your Wi-Fi network settings, you must, however, uninstall the Wyze outside camera from the app and then reinstall it. That is time-consuming and complicated; Wyze ought to develop a simpler way for users to refresh their Wi-Fi connection.

Linking Up With Your New WiFi

On your phone, the Wyze app is most likely already open. If not, create a Wyze account and download and install the Wyze app (iOS or Android) from the appropriate store.

Having stated that, do the following actions to modify your Wyze cam WiFi network:

  • Open the Wyze app on your smartphone.
  • Hit the upper left “+” symbol.
  • Click “Add Device” in the pop-up window.
  • Select the category for your device. Select “Cameras” using the list.
  • Choose the kind of camera. Select the kind and version of your camera from the list that drops down.
  • Connect your camera to a power source. After plugging in your Wyze camera to a functioning socket, turn it on and watch the orange/red blinking light. On the app, tap “Next.”
  • Press the camera’s setup button. Locate and push the setup button beneath or on the rear of your camera. A voice prompt saying “Ready to connect” ought to sound. Click next after checking the box.
  • Connect to your network via pairing. Choose your Wi-Fi network operating at 2.4 GHz and type in the right password. In press the “Next” button.
  • Take a look at the QR code. To scan your QR code, point the Wyze camera at your phone. Tick the box and press Next once you hear the audio prompt “QR code scanned.”
  • Give your gadget a name. After naming your camera or choosing an option, press the “Finish” button. Complete any remaining app instructions as you see appropriate.
  • Update the firmware on your camera. You have the option to “Upgrade immediately” > update or cancel to close the screen if there is a firmware update available.
  • Tailor your camera. After connecting the camera to your network, experiment with the Wyze app settings to get the results you want.