How Easy to Block Tiktok on Router Step by Step !

How to Block Tiktok on Router – When I came into this TikTok ban inquiry from a worried parent, I discovered that many other individuals also experience something similar. TikTok is a well-liked social networking site, yet it has a strong addictive potential. The good news is that it has the same restrictions as any other social networking app. You may simply follow this easy technique if you want to ban TikTok on a router as well.

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How to Block TikTok Using an IP Address or Domain Name in Router Settings

The process of banning TikTok from a router is very simple, regardless of the type of network or router you own. You can use OpenDNS’s aid for this. With this free Domain Name System manager, you may apply filters to any website according to its IP address or URL. OpenDNS allows you to setup your router and establish an account for free. Simply follow these instructions to find out how to use OpenDNS to restrict TikTok from router settings:

1. Configure your router to use the OpenDNS IP.

The majority of routers these days already configure their connections using OpenDNS IP. You may also setup your router manually if it isn’t already. To do this, use your router’s web-based Admin Portal and log in to your account. Select the DNS option now, and enter the IP address below for the IPv4 protocol.

2. Create an OpenDNS account.

After that, you may visit OpenDNS’s official website and access your account by logging in. If you don’t already have an OpenDNS account, you can make one right here. Once you’ve successfully logged into your OpenDNS account, select Settings and add a network. In this case, your network provider would immediately assign the dynamic IP address. Simply confirm it, then select “Add this Network” to set up your network to use OpenDNS servers.

3. Using the router settings, ban TikTok

And that’s it! You may ban any website or app after OpenDNS has mapped your network. To begin with, choose to control your network by selecting it from the OpenDNS web page.

To configure automated filters, navigate to the Web Content Filtering option from the sidebar. In the “Manage Individual Domains” section, you can select the “Add Domain” button from this point on. Now that you’ve chosen to restrict specific TikTok servers, you may manually add their IP address or URL.

Ban TikTok Straightly on a Router

You may directly prohibit TikTok on a router in addition to utilizing OpenDNS. This is due to the fact that most routers these days come pre-configured with a DNS server, making management simple.

1. Netgear Routers

If your router is a Netgear, go to the website of the admin interface and select Advanced Settings > Web Filters > Block Sites. This will enable you to block TikTok by adding keywords, domain names, and IP addresses associated with it.

2. D-link Routers

Simply go to the web portal on your D-link router and log in using your network credentials if you’re using one. Navigate to the “Web Filtering” option in its advanced settings. Here, you may select to ban services and input TikTok’s IP addresses and URLs specified above to block the app on your network.

3. Cisco Routers

Finally, users of Cisco routers have the opportunity to access the security > access control list section of their online portal. This will launch a separate interface where you may enter TikTok’s IP addresses and domain names stated above.