Here’s How to Dry Rose Petals for Processing

How to Dry Rose Petals – Have you ever heard that there are several types of flowers that can be eaten? One of them is roses. Rose petals can be eaten and provide many health benefits, you know. Friends, you can use rose petals as a food topping or mixture in drinks. However, before eating rose petals, friends must choose flowers that are good quality, namely fragrant and not wilted. This good quality flower can be eaten directly or processed first. It tastes sweet.

Friends, you can also dry rose petals before processing them. This method also ensures that the rose petals can be used for a long time. Below we will explain how to dry rose petals and how to store them.

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How to Dry Rose Petals

Rose petals crumble easily, so you need a special way to dry them. Pick fresh rose petals in the morning. Choose a time when the morning dew starts to disappear, or when the sun has not really appeared. Place all the rose petals on a layer of tissue paper to keep them fresh. When picking and placing them, friends must be careful so that the petals do not wilt immediately. Arrange the petals so that they do not touch each other when drying.

Dried rose petals will easily blow away in the wind. To keep the petals from flying away, place a sheet of tissue paper on top. Dry the rose petals in a shady place. Drying in direct sunlight will make the color of the petals fade.

How to Store Rose Petals

Dried flower petals must be stored properly. Store the flower petals in a glass jar and put them in a dark cupboard. This method of storing is done so that light does not directly shine on the rose petals. This light can change the color of dry rose petals.

How to Process it into Food or Drink

As mentioned previously, rose petals can be consumed directly fresh or dried. These dried rose flowers can be processed into a drink by brewing them with hot water. Or you can add it to tart cakes, either as a topping or as an addition to it. These dried rose flowers can be used as a topping on various food dishes.

Benefits of Rose Petals

In roses, there are many nutrients that are good for health such as antioxidants, vitamin C, anthocyanins and zinc. This rose flower is well known in China as a medicine for digestive disorders and to relieve pain due to injuries. This benefit can be obtained because of the citrate, citronellol, geraniol, linalol and nerol content. All of these ingredients are said to be able to overcome several health problems. So, friends, now you can grow your own roses at home as decoration and food. Try drying rose flowers and saving them to add to a variety of foods and drinks.